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What is the schedule for the inauguration 2021?

What is the schedule for the inauguration 2021?

The 59th Presidential Inauguration is scheduled for January 20, 2021, for the swearing in of President-Elect Joseph R. Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala D. Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) announced this inauguration’s theme is “America United.”

What time does the inauguration start on January 20th?

The 20th amendment to the Constitution specifies that the term of each elected President of the United States begins at noon on January 20 of the year following the election. Each president must take the oath of office before assuming the duties of the position.

Does the Presidential Inauguration always fall on January 20th?

Inauguration Day moved to January 20, beginning in 1937, following ratification of the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution, where it has remained since. A similar Sunday exception and move to Monday is made around this date as well (which happened in 1957, 1985, and 2013).

Is there an inaugural ball?

No inaugural balls were held in 2021 after the inauguration of Joe Biden due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

What day is Inauguration Day in 2025?

Jan 20
Inauguration Day Observances

Year Weekday Date
2021 Wed Jan 20
2021 Wed Jan 20
2025 Mon Jan 20
2025 Mon Jan 20

Why are presidential inaugurations held on January 20th?

Congress had originally established March 4 as Inauguration Day. The date was moved to January 20 with the passage of the Twentieth Amendment in 1933.

Who held the first inaugural ball?

James Madison, America’s fourth President, and his wife, Dolley, were the guests of honor at the first official Inaugural Ball, held at Long’s Hotel in Washington, D.C. Martin Van Buren’s Inauguration featured two balls, and President William Henry Harrison held three to meet the ever-growing demand for tickets.

What are some examples of inauguration?

An example of inauguration is when a restaurant tries a new menu for the very first time. An example of an inauguration is when the power is handed over to the new president of the United States. Formal induction into office.

Is the inauguration always on January 20?

Mr President. Every four years on 20th January, a new U.S. President is sworn in, on an inauguration day which is set by law. Election Day is always the Tuesday after the first Monday in November and Inauguration Day is always 20th January.

What Holiday is January 20th?

January 20 is Heroes’ Day in Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau. This is a public holiday that commemorates the assassination of Amílcar Cabral in 1973. Penguin Awareness Day is an annual informal observance created to celebrate one of the most unusual birds in the world. It is celebrated on January 20.

What was the original inauguration date?

The first inauguration, that of George Washington, took place on April 30, 1789. All subsequent (regular) inaugurations from 1793 until 1933, were held on March 4, the day of the year on which the federal government began operations under the U.S. Constitution in 1789.