Where can I find evidence for Margret?

Where can I find evidence for Margret?

To find information on Margret, go to the Silver-Blood Inn and ask Kleppr or Frabbi about her. She apparently rented the nicest room in the inn, which is down the hall to the left of the entrance.

Is it possible to save Eltrys?

If the Dragonborn speaks to Thonar, it is not possible to save his wife; her death is scripted. Even if both Forsworn attackers are dead, she is still murdered, even though there was no one to kill her.

Should I activate Shrine of Talos?

Activating the shrine confers the Blessing of Talos for a duration of eight hours. Reduces cool-down time between shouts by 20%. Cures all diseases (except late active stages of vampirism/lycanthropy).

Is there a Shrine in Riften?

Riften Shrine of Zenithar Location: Northeast of Riften Stables just past Riften watchtowers, inside a ruined tower.

Where is the shrine of Talos in Skyrim?

The Shrine of Talos is a small shrine in Markarth dedicated to the worship of the god Talos. Inside the Shrine of Talos It is a small, one-room location that is usually empty. The statue of the forsaken deity is the well-lit center-piece of the otherwise gloomy interior.

Where do you find the Talos blessing in Elder Scrolls?

(Instead, the blessing can be activated via the Talos symbol laying on the broken table with a large stone on top, directly across from the statue.) Concept art of a Shrine of Talos. These shrines often contain offerings to Talos including medium level weapons and armors most often Imperial gear, steel or steel plate.

Where to find evidence about Margret in Game of Thrones?

Investigate a murder in Markarth to discover a sinister plot surrounding the Forsworn. Meet with Eltrys in the Shrine of Talos after receiving his note. Find evidence about Margret. Find evidence about Weylin. (Optional) Talk with Eltrys in the Shrine of Talos to get your reward.

Why does the blessing of Talos have no effect?

PC 360 PS3 NX The description for the Blessing of Talos reads “Time between shouts is reduced 0%.” This is due to the game using the decimal form of 20%, which is 0.2. That 0.2 rounds down in the description to 0, making it appear as if the blessing has no effect, even though it does properly assign the bonus.