Where did Arielle Charnas go to college?


Where did Arielle Charnas go to college?

My older sister and I went to Syracuse [University]. When I graduated, I sort of followed in her footsteps; she got me my first internship. Then, I started working in retail, at Theory in the Meatpacking District.

Did Nordstrom drop something Navy?

Something Navy was previously available at Nordstrom. The company said it sold more than $4.4 million in the first day of its Nordstrom launch in September 2018. Something Navy and Nordstrom later cut ties in 2019, and Something Navy said it planned to launch as a standalone direct-to-consumer brand in March 2020.

How did Arielle Charnas get famous?

Career. In 2009, Charnas began posting photos of her outfits and showcasing her personal style online on a blog started, named Something Navy. She describes her personal style as “elevated basic”. Before her blog gained in popularity, Charnas worked at a Theory store in the Meatpacking District.

Does Nordstrom still carry Something Navy?

Fashion influencer Arielle Charnas relaunches Something Navy line following run at Nordstrom. Arielle Charnas’ relaunch was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to hammer much of the retail industry. Previously, Something Navy was sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

Is Something Navy successful?

Upon launching the site in July, Something Navy quickly sold out of products, successfully managing 100,000 unique sessions within the first 30 minutes. It recorded a 1.4 second website load for speed and 34 millisecond page-to-page change load, and the company sold more than $1 a million in less than 15 minutes.

Does Something Navy have sales?

Currently, the brand is hosting a Something Navy Sale, in which customers can find discounted items for up to 50% off.

Why did Brandon Charnas propose to Arielle Nachmani?

One of the things that brought fashion blogger Arielle Nachmani, founder of Something Navy, and Brandon Charnas together was their love of Halloween and horror movies, so it’s not surprising that he proposed on one of their favorite days of the year!

When did Arielle Nachmani get married in Miami?

Though their engagement was on the scary side, the wedding, on October 18th, 2014, was anything but, featuring a classic all-white color scheme, pops of deep plum, and a gorgeous Miami venue. “We wanted to look back and see something we’ll love forever, so we went clean and chic,” Arielle says.

What kind of dress did Arielle Nachmani wear?

Arielle worked with Christian Siriano to custom-design her flowing gown, complete with a beaded belt at the waist and draped embellished sleeves. “I showed him a bunch of things I loved and let him do his thing,” she says.