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Where does speckled alder grow?

Where does speckled alder grow?

Speckled Alder is a deciduous cross between shrub and tree that is found throughout most of Canada and the northeast United States. Often found close to water on moist land, its Latin name alnus means ”close to the river”.

Where is alder native to?

Alnus rubra (red alder) is a deciduous broadleaf tree in the Betulaceae (Birch) family native to western North America. In California it is found primarily along the coast from San Luis Obispo County northward. In southern california Alnus rhombifolia is the more commonly found alder.

What is the scientific name of Alnus?

Alder/Scientific names

What is Alnus glutinosa used for?

The genus is well known for its traditional medicinal uses including cancer, hepatitis, inflammation of uterus, uterine cancer, rheumatism, dysentery, stomachache, diarrhea, fever, etc.

Is speckled alder invasive?

Speckled alder is occasional to invasive on open fens and bogs of the Great Lakes states. In northeastern Ohio, it is characteristic in sedge (Carex) fens.

What is speckled alder used for?

The speckled alder was quite widely used medicinally by the native North American Indians who used it to treat a variety of complaints. It is little used in modern herbalism. The bark is alterative, astringent, emetic, laxative, ophthalmic, stomachic and tonic.

What is the difference between alder and birch?

Alder has yellow-green, racquet-shaped leaves with indented tips and finely serrated edges. They are alternately arranged on the branches. Birch has oval or elliptical leaves with pointed tips and toothed margins. They are greenish-yellow on the upper side, and light-green on the bottom side.

How do you eat alder catkins?

Dip the catkins into the batter and bake them on a baking sheet at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit until crispy. Edible catkins include those from the Alder (White, Red, Mountain varies), all Birch trees, Cottonwood and all Pine trees. The willow tree also produces catkins but eating these is not recommended.

What is Acatkin?

A catkin, also known as an ament, is a dense, elongated, and drooping cluster of flowers without petals. The wind carries pollen from a male or female catkin to a flower of the opposite sex, usually in a different form, such as a flower spike.

How fast does Alnus glutinosa grow?

Growth Rate of Alder Hedges Alnus species are extremely fast-growing shrubs that will achieve at least 60cm height growth per year.

What type of tree do catkins grow on?

Catkins play an essential role in tree reproduction and can be found on hazel, silver birch and white willow trees among other species. For a few weeks each year, catkins release pollen into blustery March breezes, then fall the leaf canopy unfolds.

How do you identify speckled alder?

Twigs are brown to reddish brown to grayish, with scattered white lenticels (pores), new growth is hairy but becoming hairless and smooth the second year. Buds are erect, elliptic, have 2 or 3 scales and a short but obvious stout stalk. Older bark is grayish to reddish brown with pale horizontal lenticels (pores).