Where is The Interlace located?


Where is The Interlace located?

Road, Singapore

The Interlace
Status Completed
Architectural style Contemporary architecture, Neofuturistic
Address 180 Depot Road, Singapore 109684
Country Singapore

Where in Singapore is The Interlace?

The Interlace is located on an elevated eight-hectare site, bounded by Alexandra Road and the Ayer Rajah Expressway, amidst the verdant Southern Ridges of Singapore.

Is the interlace HDB?

The Interlace project team had won in the Housing – Completed Buildings category of the festival on Wednesday, beating 13 others including the likes of home-grown firm SCDA Architects, who submitted their SkyTerrace@Dawson, a Build-To-Order (BTO) HDB project.

How many apartments are in The Interlace Singapore?

1,040 apartments
The Interlace Condo features 1,040 apartments on a 99-year leasehold land of 871,884 sq ft, with units ranging from 807 sq ft for two bedroom apartments to 4,306 sq ft for “super penthouses”. These units are in 31 apartment blocks, each six stories high, set in hexagonal arrangements to form eight large courtyards.

How old is the interlace?

8c. 2013
The Interlace/Age

What cultures use interlace in art?

Interlacing is common in the Migration period art of Northern Europe, especially in the Insular art of Ireland and the British Isles and Norse art of the Early Middle Ages and in Islamic art.

What happened to Normanton Park?

ALMOST two years after its developer was slapped with a no-sale licence, the Normanton Park private residential project can now proceed to market. It is expected to obtain its temporary occupation permit (TOP) in 2023.

What is zoomorphic interlacing?

The Celtic artistic tradition of interlace is not limited to just knots and braids. Fantastic animals with limbs, bodies, tongues and tails looped and tangled together, are a great part of the tradition. The term zoomorphic art refers to the animal interlace motif.

What is animal interlace style?

Animal interlace, in calligraphy, rich, fanciful decorative motif characteristic of work by the Hiberno-Saxon book artists of the early Middle Ages in the British Isles. Its intertwined, fantastic animal and bird forms are often densely and minutely detailed—an example in the Book of Kells (c.

Is Normanton a good buy?

Normanton Park Has Great Investment Potential One of the first things any property investor considers is the price, and according to the agents, Normanton Park’s selling price of $1,750 psf is a very reasonable entry price.

Who is the developer of Normanton Park?

Kingsford Huray Development Pte. Ltd.
Normanton Park Project Info

Project Name: Normanton Park
Developer: Kingsford Huray Development Pte. Ltd.
Address: 1 – 88 Normanton Park
Tenure: 99 years leasehold wef. 22 July 2019
Site Area: 61,408.31 sqm / 660,999 sqft

What does the word zoomorphic mean?

1 : having the form of an animal. 2 : of, relating to, or being a deity conceived of in animal form or with animal attributes.

Where are the interlace condos in Singapore located?

The 1,040 unit development, located on Depot Road, won the prestigious ‘World Building of the Year’ title at the World Architecture Festival and its design and architecture represents a completely unique residential experience.

Where is the interlace condo in Alexandra located?

Located in Depot Road in Alexandra, The Interlace is within short walking distance of the Gillman Barracks, with its eclectic mix of dining options, while commuters can be in Raffles Place in a quarter of an hour. Orchard Road is a short drive away or a few stops on the MRT from Labrador MRT, 10 minutes’ walk from the development.

Where is the interlace in Telok Blangah located?

Get The Interlace location & direction, located at 214 Depot Road. The best Condominium in Telok Blangah. Please Click for photos, reviews & more It’s more than just a location search. Find Businesses Find Addresses Find Bus Info Get Direction

What kind of real estate does interlace have?

Its expanded global real estate portfolio includes integrated developments, shopping malls, serviced residences, offices and various types of homes. The core markets include Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam being potential growing markets. The Interlace has two major selling points.