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Which Disney princess is Taylor Swift?

Which Disney princess is Taylor Swift?

… Is Tiana from The Princess and The Frog! Taylor Swift, unlike Tiana, has to kiss many toads in order to find her Prince (that’s right, we just called all of Tay’s exes toads, DEAL WITH IT).

Is Taylor Swift in tangled?

The singer appears as Rapunzel – the character voiced by fellow starlet Mandy Moore in the animated film “Tangled” — in the newest “Disney Dream Portrait,” the ongoing celebrity advertising campaign, which debuted in 2007. Taylor’s magical shot is entitled, “Where a world of adventure awaits.”

Does Taylor Swift play Rapunzel?

Swift will star as Rapunzel in a new ad campaign for Disney Parks — a role she was born to play. Disney recently retold the story of Rapunzel in the animated movie ‘Tangled,’ so it’s only fitting that the behemoth brand would roll out a few Rapunzel ads in their upcoming campaign of fairytale-themed marketing.

Who is Rapunzel modeled after tangled?

So when it came time for me to animate I have always used my own family as models. Ariel was my wife, Tarzan was my son, I was Beast and my daughter Claire was very much the inspiration for Rapunzel. I remember when Claire was 7 years old she wanted to paint her bedroom walls and ceiling.

Did Taylor Swift do Disney?

Taylor Swift’s intimate pandemic album gets an intimate pandemic film. One critic has called it the “first great pandemic art.” Now, for the first time, she’s sharing the stories that brought the album to life in Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, a film directed by Swift and out on Disney Plus now.

Who owns the song Crazier by Taylor Swift?

Crazier (Taylor Swift song)

Promotional single by Taylor Swift
Label Walt Disney
Songwriter(s) Taylor Swift Robert Ellis Orrall
Producer(s) Nathan Chapman Taylor Swift