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Which is the largest city in India area wise?

Which is the largest city in India area wise?

List of cities in India by area

Rank City Area governed by
1 Bengaluru Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
2 Visakhapatnam Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
3 South Delhi South Delhi Municipal Corporation
4 Hyderabad Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Which is the top 10 biggest city in India?

The following is a list of top cities in India

Serial no. Indian Cities Population
1 Mumbai 1,24,42,373
2 Delhi 1,67,87,941
3 Bangalore 84,43,675
4 Hyderabad 67,31,790

Which is the largest city of India?

Using the same yardstick, Delhi is now India’s largest “city.” Delhi, one of the world’s oldest cities, became India’s capital in 1912 when the British moved the seat of government there from what was then Calcutta.

Which is the largest second city in India?

Calcutta (Kolkata) is India’s second largest city.

Which is smallest city in India?

The ten smallest cities in India by population, according to the 2011 India Census, are:

  • Gangotri (110)
  • Kedarnath (612)
  • Kirtinagar (1,517)
  • Nandaprayag (1,641)
  • Devprayag (2,152)
  • Dogadda (2,422)
  • Badrinath (2,438)
  • Dwarahat (2,749)

Which is the No 1 smart city?

The Central government on Friday declared Smart City awards 2020 in which Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and Surat (Gujarat) won the award jointly for their overall development. Whereas Uttar Pradesh emerged on the top among all states, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu under the Smart City award, 2020.

Which is the largest city in India by population?

1. Mumbai – 18.4 million people. Mumbai is the capital of the State of Maharashtra in India. Its official name was Bombay until 1995. Mumbai comprises two regions, the city district which covers an area of 233 square miles and the more extensive Mumbai metropolitan area with a total area of 1681.5 square miles.

Which is the best city to do business in India?

Ludhiana is the largest city of Punjab with an area of 310 sq km, India’s largest city north of Delhi and is the best city in India to do business. Faridabad is one of the major satellite cities of Delhi, also most populous and largest city of Haryana state and eighth fastest growing city in the world.

Which is the greenest city in India by area?

Bhopal, also known as the City of Lakes is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and among the largest cities in India by area. Bhopal is among the greenest cities in India and located near the Vindhya Mountain Ranges.

Which is the second largest city in Maharashtra?

Pune is the capital of Pune District in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is the second-largest city in the state after Mumbai. Pune covers 281 square miles of area, and its population was 5,057,709 in 2011. The city boasts some of the most renowned and best performing educational institutions in the eastern part of India.