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Who bought R Kelly House in Olympia Fields?

Who bought R Kelly House in Olympia Fields?

Rudolph Isley
December 4, 2013 (OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill.) The Chicago Tribune reports that 74-year-old Rudolph Isley and his wife purchased the house in Olympia Fields. It’s more than 14,000-square feet with an indoor pool, six full bathrooms, seven half-baths and a six-car garage.

Did R Kelly live in Olympia Fields Illinois?

About 25 miles outside of Chicago in the village of Olympia Fields sits a mansion that R. Kelly once lived and worked in.

Who are R. Kelly’s parents?

Joanne Kelly
R. Kelly/Parents
His mother, Joanne Kelly, was a schoolteacher and devout Baptist who raised her children in the Baptist church, where she sang lead in the choir.

Did R. Kelly write friends and family Isley Brothers?

The new song “Friends and Family” by the Isley Brothers featuring Snoop Dogg has a real R. Kelly-type vibe to it. We know the history Ron Isley has with The R., and we also know he produced the group Johnson Sisters, also known as the duo ‘JS,’ who Kelly also wrote and produced for.

Did Aaliyah and R Kelly divorce?

Their marriage was annulled several months later, but false listings of her age persist decades after the incident. Vibe Magazine reprinted an R. Kelly story that ran the same year as his marriage to Aaliyah, including a marriage license for the two reading Aaliyah as age 18 and Robert Kelly as 27.

Is Olympia Fields a good place to live?

Overall, Olympia Fields is a great place to live! Has historically been viewed as an affluent area, but also has affordable housing options. Olympia fields is an utterly beautiful and elegant village.

Where is Bruce Kelly now?

Currently, Bruce Kelly is locked up due to a 2016 burglary conviction. He was admitted to the Vandalia Correctional Center in July 2017 and reportedly is set to serve two to four years in prison for the charge. He’s currently expected to be released in December 2019.

What artist has R Kelly written songs for?


Song Artist Writer(s)
“At Your Best (You Are Love)” Aaliyah Ernie Isley Marvin Isley O’Kelly Isley, Jr. Ronald Isley Chris Jasper
“Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby…” R. Kelly Robert Kelly
“Back & Forth” Aaliyah Robert Kelly
“Back To The Hood of Things” R. Kelly Robert Kelly