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Who does sticks work for in Daredevil?


Who does sticks work for in Daredevil?

the Chaste
Stick – Leader of the Chaste. He is known for his use of the bō (staff). Daredevil – Blind apprentice of Stick and former lover of Elektra.

Who kills stick in Daredevil?

resurrected Elektra
Eventually, Stick is killed by the resurrected Elektra, who he essentially raised as a girl to fight the Hand. He’s unceremoniously stabbed through the chest by a sword after he willing chooses not to land a killing blow on his former pupil.

What happens to stick in Daredevil?

Stick finally collapsed as he continued to suffer from the pain of his torture, with Elektra confronting him, but Stick explained that Daredevil had come not to save him, but to stop Elektra from killing him and losing herself.

Is stick a good guy Daredevil?

Biography. While he’s mainly known as the man who trained Daredevil, Stick is a character who has his own rich history of fighting evil. After all, Matt Murdock wouldn’t have become the hero that he did if not for the discipline taught to him by the elderly leader of the Chaste.

Can Stick see like Daredevil?

6 He Can Evade Daredevil’s Senses Much of this can be attributed to Stick’s lengthy martial arts career. As such, it seems that it’s more than mere deftness of movement that has allowed Stick to hoodwink Daredevil’s senses – although as with so much about the man, we may never know for sure!

What did daredevil whisper to Iron Fist?

Before Daredevil “dies” in The Defenders—before he sacrificed himself for his home in ways Danny has never even thought of—he whispered into Danny’s ear, “protect my city.” The last we see of Danny, he’s perched above Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil-like, outfitted in the signature green-and-yellow of an Iron Fist willing to …

Who is Daredevil’s main villain?

Kingpin – A ruthless crime lord and the archenemy of Daredevil, indeed uncontested as Daredevil’s greatest enemy. The Kingpin also serves as an enemy for the Punisher and Spider-Man. Kirigi – A ninja assassin after being resurrected by the Hand.

Is Stick in Daredevil blind?

Fictional character biography The mysterious Stick is a blind sensei who trained Matt Murdock. The Hand regrouped and attacked Stick and his band of warriors (Shaft, Stone, and Claw) that now included Daredevil and Daredevil’s former lover, the Black Widow.

Is Black Sky dead?

Yoshioka was able to escape with the Black Sky, but Stick followed the van they were traveling in and managed to kill Black Sky by piercing his heart with an arrow before escaping himself.

Why did Daredevil and Elektra break up?

Although Elektra began as an assassin for The Hand, and later for Kingpin, she eventually was able to turn her life around. Mostly due to the influence of Matt Murdock, Elektra decided to go down a more noble path and become a superhero.

What was the stick episode of Daredevil about?

Stick is the seventh episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil . An important figure from Murdock ‘s past reemerges seeking his help to battle a new enemy threatening Hell’s Kitchen.

What was episode 7 of Daredevil named after?

One of the best episodes in the Netflix series Daredevil was Episode 7, “Stick”, named after the blind mentor that trained young Matt Murdock how to fight and best use his senses.

What does daredevil do in the Marvel series?

Marvel’s Daredevil Murdock’s vigilante crime fighting and his new law practice find equally dangerous challenges in a murder case tied to a corporate crime syndicate. Murdock makes a near fatal error while trying to save a kidnapped boy, and finds an unlikely ally when he needs saving himself.

Who is stick in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Stick was a martial arts master and Chaste member. During a war between Chaste and Hand, Stick recruited Elektra, only to abandon her, as she proved too dangerous, and trained Matt Murdock instead.