Who is GMX owned by?


Who is GMX owned by?

GMX Facts and Figures GMX is a branch of United Internet AG, a listed company with a market cap of $5 billion. GMX is one of the world’s most successful email providers, guaranteeing optimum performance. United Internet’s high-speed data centers manage more than 11 million domains.

What is GMX de email address? is a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation. Recent quality reports have classified with a low risk profile as most accounts originating from this domain are valid and safe.

Is GMX email legit? and GMX Mail are reliable free email services that do a good job of filtering spam and viruses while providing a large file attachment limit and, in the case of GMX, unlimited online storage for messages.

Is mail com and GMX the same?

They are not the same – they are two completely different web sites. Just because they are both hosted on the same server doesn’t make them the same. There isn’t even anything to show that they are both owned by the same person/company.

Is GMX owned by Google?

GMX Mail

Owner GMX Internet Services, Inc. Subsidiary of United Internet
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Users 11 million active users
Launched 1997

Is Gmail a GMX?

Gmail has a website-style interface in the way users browse and manage their accounts. GMX, on the other hand, offers a more customizable, desktop-application-style environment similar to Outlook. GMX offers fewer settings for its users than Gmail, but the arrangement of tools and services is simpler.

How many GMX accounts can I have?

Your GMX account comes with the option of creating and using up to 10 different sender addresses, even allowing you to select other email domains for your alias addresses as well.

Is GMX safer than Gmail?

Based in Germany, Global Mail Exchange (GMX) is a reliable Gmail alternative. As it was founded back in 1997, it offers time-tested and high-quality services. For protection, it uses TLS/SSL, the same type of encryption that Gmail uses to protect your emails while they’re in transit.

How many emails can I send per hour?

The current Gmail email sending limit is 2000 emails per 24 hours when sending from their web interface. It’s important to note that this means 2000 in any combination (i.e. 1 email to 2000 people or 4 emails to 500 each, etc.).

Who owns GMX email service?

GMX is owned by Global Mail Exchange, a subsidiary of United Internet AG, and has more than 19 million users. It offers a free webmail client, GMX Freemail, which, much like AOL Mail and Gmail, is advertising-supported.

What are the GMX Mail IMAP settings?

Choose settings

  • Contacts and Calendars
  • Tap Add account and select Other
  • Tap Add Mail Account and enter the following information:
  • Choose imap under incoming mail server and enter the following information: Hostname:
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