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Who is the Tooth Fairy in rise of the Guardians?

Who is the Tooth Fairy in rise of the Guardians?

Toothiana Toothiana or Tooth is the possible love interest of Jack Frost of the DreamWorks film Rise of the Guardians. She’s the Guardian of Memories. Otherwise by the children of the world as the Tooth Fairy.

How is Jack Frost related to Jamie in rise of the Guardians?

When the Guardians collected the children’s teeth themselves, Jack went to Jamie’s house with Tooth to collect Jamie’s tooth and was shown to be fond of the boy despite Jamie being unable to see him. Jack got gently admonished for his role in Jamie losing his tooth in the first place and was shown to be embarrassed by it when confronted.

What happens to tooth in rise of the Guardians?

Tooth showed excitement when The Man in the Moon choose Jack on the contrary to E. Aster Bunnymund, who said that Jack doesn’t care about children. After successfully kidnapping Jack and bringing him to the North Pole, North introduce the other Guardians and Tooth got excited to see Jack’s teeth.

Who is the mini Fairy in rise of the Guardians?

Trivia There is one mini fairy who always follows Tooth named Baby Tooth. Her signature color is pink/purple. She is the Guardian of Memories. She, Jack Frost, and The Sandman are the only Guardians who possess the ability to fly on their own.

Why was toothiana in love with Jack Frost?

Toothiana had an infatuation with Jack Frost as it’s implied even before the series began. As demonstrated when The Man In The Moon was chosen the new guardian and it was revealed to be Jack Frost. She swooned while being joined by her mini-fairies.

Who was supposed to meet tooth in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Fun Fact: Is Tooth was originally supposed to met Jack before the rest of the guardians when she was still out on the field in the original script. Jack and Tooth were also supposed to have a love-hate relationship. Since Jack was more of a jerk before they changed the film plot.

Why does tooth have to calm the Guardians down?

Tooth has to constantly calm them down due to their obvious behavior. She was the most excited one – not to mention a little dreamy – when she learned that Jack Frost was to be made a new Guardian.