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Who is the world stylish girl?


Who is the world stylish girl?

Iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot has been voted the most stylish woman of all time, beating competition from fellow fashion icons including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

Who is the most elegant woman?

Are these the most elegant women ever?

  • Princess Diana.
  • Sophia Loren.
  • Grace Kelly.
  • Audrey Hepburn.
  • Marilyn Monroe.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones.
  • Ava Gardner.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Who is the world’s most stylish?

A look at the world’s most stylish men – in pictures

  • Truman Capote in his apartment in Brooklyn Heights, New York, 1958.
  • Leigh Bowery: Session 7, Look 38, 1994.
  • Marcello Mastroianni, 1963.
  • Dinka warrior with leopardskin and Kalashnikov rifle, South Sudan, 2006.
  • Karl Lagerfeld, Paris, 1973.
  • Conner, New Jersey, 2016.

Who is the best dressed female celebrity?

The 8 Best Dressed Women From Hollywood

  • Jennifer Aniston. The Friends star Jennifer Aniston has always carried a classic and elegant style.
  • Emma Stone. Emma Stone has a sophisticated style that she carries on all occasions.
  • Jennifer Lopez.
  • Sandra Bullock.
  • Rihanna.
  • Julia Roberts.
  • 6. Kerry Washington.
  • Cate Blanchett.

Who is the stylish hero in the world?

Shah Rukh Khan iamsrk is The Most Stylish Actor in The World.

Which country is the most stylish?

Coming in as the number one most fashionable country in the world is Italy. Italy boasts some of the top names in couture fashion, including Guccio Gucci, Gianni Versace, Valentino Garavani, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani. This choice isn’t particularly surprising!

Who is stylish hero in World?

Who are the most stylish women in history?

11 of the Most Stylish Women in History That You’ve Never Heard Of. 1 1 Diane de Poitiers (1499-1566) 2 2 Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957) 3 3 Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764) 4 4 Sara Murphy (1883-1975) 5 5 Countess of Castiglione (1837-1899)

Who are the best female fashion icons of all time?

Today, women everywhere still wear styles fondly inspired by her. Audrey Hepburn is not only one of the best female fashion icons but she is also one that is adored today. 3. Elizabeth Taylor. Diamonds, double eyelashes and big hair aren’t the only reasons Elizabeth Taylor is famous.

Who are the best dressed women in history?

Signature Style: Pearl-encrusted gowns and gold bracelets. Why We Love Her: She was two decades older than the King and was immortalized in scandalous nude paintings by members of the Fountainbleau school. Known For: An eccentric Italian heiress. Signature Style: Dark eyeliner, bold jewelry, flowing robes, and a cheetah on a leash.

Who was the first woman to wear a corset?

Why We Love Her: She was one of the first people to use photography as a form of art and sat for portraits in which she (gasp!) revealed her bare legs and arms. Known For: The Empress of Austria. Signature Style: Incredibly tight corsets, layers of petticoats, and jeweled hair ornaments.