Who sampled Summertime in the LBC?


Who sampled Summertime in the LBC?

Dove Shack feat. Arnita Porter’s ‘Summertime in the LBC’ sample of Midnight Star’s ‘Feels So Good’ | WhoSampled.

Who was in the Dove Shack?

The Dove Shack/Members
The Dove Shack is a G-funk group from Long Beach. Consisting of C-Knight, Bo-Roc and 2Scoops, the group made their debut with the song “This Is the Shack” on Warren G’s album Regulate… G Funk Era.

What is the LBC in rap?

“The LBC” is the slang for your beloved city, first coined in rap songs. Others say it stands for Long Beach/Compton, Long Beach Crips or Long Beach City.

What year did the Dove Shack come out?

Summertime in the LBC/Released

What does LBC mean in Lana Del Rey?

As far as the chorus is concerned, it centers on the wherewithal of the singer and her bandmates to make the party jump, particularly within the confines of “the L.B.C.” (Long Beach, California).

What does LBC Srand for?

Rap Dictionary lbcnoun. Phonebook abbreviation for Long Beach city, California. Home of 21 & Lewis. With so much drama in the LBC, It’s kinda hard being Snoop D-O-Double-G — Snoop Doggy Dogg (Gin and Juice).

Who is Lana Del Rey Dating?

Clayton Johnson
Lana Del Rey is engaged, and here’s what we know about her under-the-radar fiancé Lana Del Rey, photographed in September 2019, is engaged to Clayton Johnson.

What does LNC stand for?


Acronym Definition
LNC Late Night Chat
LNC Late Night Crew
LNC Law of Non-Contradiction (logic)
LNC Late Night Confession (band)

What does LBZ mean?


Acronym Definition
LBZ Life Below Zero (TV show)
LBZ Lemming Ball Z (game)
LBZ Lutyens Bungalow Zone (New Delhi, India)
LBZ Local Brittle Zone

Who is the owner of LBC?

LBC Express Hldgs
LBC Express/Parent organizations