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Who writes like Robert Ludlum?


Who writes like Robert Ludlum?

Authors similar to Robert Ludlum

  • Jack Higgins. 1,033 followers.
  • Eric Van Lustbader. Author of 136 books including The Bourne Legacy.
  • Ammar Habib. Author of 19 books including Mary Edwards Walker: America’s Only Female Medal of Honor Recipient.
  • L.G. Davis. 123 followers.
  • J.K. Franko. 1,725 followers.

When did Ludlum die?

March 12, 2001
Robert Ludlum/Date of death
Suspense novelist Robert Ludlum, 73, author of the Jason Bourne series of spy thrillers and “The Matarese Circle,” died March 12, apparently of a heart attack, a spokesman for his publisher said.

What was Ludlum last book?

The Bourne Treachery
The latest book to be published is The Bourne Treachery by Brian Freeman, the sixteenth novel in the Jason Bourne series.

What should I read after Tom Clancy?

12 Thriller Books for Fans of Tom Clancy

  • Confessional. By Jack Higgins.
  • Charlie Wilson’s War. By George Crile.
  • A Gathering of Spies. By John Altman.
  • Echo of War. By Grant Blackwood.
  • Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea. By Gary Kinder.
  • Under Siege. By Stephen Coonts.
  • Murder in Georgetown. By Margaret Truman.
  • Atlantic Fury.

Who is JK Franko?

I grew up in Texas in the seventies, and although I really wanted to go into writing and film from an early age, my parents (Cuban-American) were NOT on board. It was my wife who pushed me to write novels. …

How did Ludlum die?

Heart attack
Robert Ludlum/Cause of death
Robert Ludlum, the author of best-selling suspense novels like ”The Bourne Identity” and ”The Matarese Circle,” died here today. He was 73 and lived in Naples. The cause of death was believed to have been a heart attack, said Matthew Shear, a spokesman for Mr. Ludlum’s publisher, St.

Did Ludlum die?

What is Jason Bourne based on?

The Bourne films are loosely based on Robert Ludlum’s novels (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) written in the 1980s. Following Ludlum’s death in 2001, Eric Van Lustbader has continued with the Bourne series, writing another 10 installments over 15 years.

What happened to Robert Ludlum?

Officially, Robert Ludlum died of a heart attack. And that’s what appears to have happened to Robert Ludlum, the creator of Jason Bourne. Officially, Ludlum died quietly of a heart attack in his Florida home in 2001. That was what his family believed, and that was the end of the story.

Should Jack Ryan books be read in order?

Jack Ryan’s books can be read both in publication order and chronological order. It’s a matter of taste and you can enjoy them both ways. Usually, Tom Clancy fans recommend the chronological order for the Jack Ryan series. You’ll have both here.

What should I read if I like Jack Ryan?

5 High-Octane Espionage Thrillers for Fans of Jack Ryan

  • The Deserter. by Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille.
  • Savage Son. by Jack Carr.
  • Lethal Agent. by Vince Flynn.
  • Killing Floor. by Lee Child.
  • Red Sparrow. by Jason Matthews.

How did Karen Ludlum die?

heart attack
Officially, Ludlum died quietly of a heart attack in his Florida home in 2001. That was what his family believed, and that was the end of the story.