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Why is it called NoMa DC?


Why is it called NoMa DC?

The name NoMa, a play on “North of Massachusetts Avenue,” was first thrown around in the 1990s, when the neighborhood was considered as a possible technology hub.

Is the NoMa area in DC Safe?

According to Metropolitan Police Department data, violent crimes in and around NoMa are on the rise. Over the last two years homicides, robberies and car thefts have increased compared to the two years prior. D.C. Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen said safety remains a concern for everyone.

Is NoMa a good neighborhood in DC?

NoMa is the best neighborhood in DC. As a NoMa resident, you’re within blocks of the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station, giving you access to all of the surrounding DC neighborhoods while also opening up pockets of Maryland and Virginia. You are one mile away from Union Station minutes away from I-395.

Is NoMa DC safe Reddit?

On the surface, it’s definitely a safe neighborhood given the time of day (families, lots of people walking dogs, etc), but walking to work at 5:30 AM I was always wary, especially now after my friend was robbed/assaulted at gunpoint while walking down 3rd Street from my apartment near Giant on his way back to his …

What are the symptoms of NoMa?

The typical signs and symptoms of noma include swollen gums, swollen cheek lining, and ulcer formation. These ulcers spread rapidly and destroy oral and paraoral soft tissues and bones, causing deformity of the face and loss of teeth. The color of the oral cavity may also change into a greyish color.

What neighborhood should I live in DC?

The most popular Washington D.C. neighborhoods and nearby cities for renters

  • NoMa. North of Massachusetts Avenue SE, this neighborhood is about as close to downtown as non-diplomats elect to live.
  • Dupont Circle.
  • McLean Gardens.
  • U Street.
  • Brookland.
  • Woodley Park.
  • Southwest Waterfront.
  • Clarendon-Courthouse.

Is Chinatown DC safe Reddit?

The city is pretty safe in general but Chinatown is at the top of the crime chart. There’s also the biggest concentration of homeless people because of the shelter. Might be going a bridge too far here. Extremely safe to other parts of large cities, sure.

How safe is H Street?

Most Popular Cities

Neighborhood Safety Score Safety Range
H Street Corridor 60 46 – 79
Hawthorne 74 42 – 100
Hillcrest 61 43 – 63
Ivy City 39 28 – 46

Which disease is noma?

Noma, also known as cancrum oris or the face of poverty, is a rapidly progressive polymicrobial opportunistic infection resulting in orofacial gangrene and eventually death if untreated. The etiopathogenesis of the disease has been attributed to extreme malnutrition, dehydration, and inadequate oral hygiene.

Which disease is called noma?

Noma, also known as cancrum oris or gangrenous stomatitis, is a severe and aggressive gangrenous process (a condition wherein body tissues die due to infection or lack of blood supply) that affects the mouth, nose, and lips.