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Judy King, Editor
Living at Lake Chapala

Living at Lake Chapala, the Online Magazine ended with the last issue, but this month, I am so happy to be releasing — first to you subscribers, Living at Lake Chapala, the Book.

Trying to get a digital version of Living at Lake Chapala, the Book, to you has been far more difficult and stressful than I ever imagined! I ran into some serious production problems in the last month and that has delayed the completion of the files needed for the digital versions of the book.

The bad news is that I promised you the book to read on your Kindle, Nook, iPod or iPhone. I now know I can't complete that promise for about another month.

The good news is that I now have a provisional Adobe Reader (PDF) file of the book that you can download or read right on your computer screen.

Those subscribers eligible can click the following link, Living at Lake Chapala, to get their copy of the book…all 75 chapters and 500 pages!

But first…here's a sample…the book's introduction..


This is Living at Lake Chapala

This is the book I needed when I arrived in Mexico. My friends nicknamed me, "Shirley Valentine," when they realized I was so eager to escape the sameness of my life that I was ready to sell my belongings, shut the door, and follow the promise of warm breezes, music and sunshine just like the lead character of the then popular movie.

If I had seen Paulo Coehlo's quote back then, perhaps I could have convinced my friends of my sanity by triumphantly stabbing my finger at his words and saying, "Here! This is how I feel. Read this:"

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal."

I was so ready to give up responsibility and routine and anxious to find adventure. I'd had normal ups and downs in my life, some moments could have been called, if not exciting, extreme. As it was with Shirley Valentine, it was the sameness of it all that forced me out of my nest with nary a how — to book and with no safety net.

Shirley and I both walked out the door and toward something more. Shirley found her adventure in the Greek Isles while I headed "South of the border, down Mexico way."

Getting to Mexico was the easy part — in spite of the conclusion folks might draw just from the huge inventory books written to help folks move to Mexico. Once here, I barely had time to unpack before I was submerged in a new life with a distinctly fresh focus. I was ready to meet the challenges of adjustment; I just didn't have the information I needed to participate in the colorful life joyously unfolding around me. I felt as if I had lost the ability to speak, read, write, or understand.

That helpless feeling, that inability to begin living my new life prompted my desire to help newcomers shorten the learning curve.

The result was the 2001 founding of Mexico Insights and Living at Lake Chapala, the magazine. Over the ensuing years Mexico Insights became a repository of the information, and the cues and clues needed to live in Mexico.

When publication of the online magazine ended, Mexico Insights had a cache of valuable content. The 150 monthly issues between 2001 and 2013 yielded more than 1,800 articles on every aspect of Lakeside living.

With the Moving to…, How to…, Retiring to…, Gringos in…, Head for…, and all the other how-to books touting the real deal for getting here, they left a slot for us to fill. We have the opportunity to help you enjoy living the magic of Mexico in the shadow of the moon.

My life in Mexico, like yours, is filled with lessons, insights, skills, delights and occasional disappointments — they're all reflected in the pages of this book.

When you think about it, both adventure and life are all about the lessons we learn, the people we meet and the mark we make. Travel with me, then, through the adventure of Living at Lake Chapala.


This Month at Mexico Insights

Mark your calendar! Judy will be launching the print version of Living at Lake Chapala on July 26 from 2 to 4 p.m. at La Nueva Posada.

If you'll be at Lakeside, please come — you are family!


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