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Things to Avoid Doing While Your Disability Claim is Being Processed

Things to Avoid Doing While Your Disability Claim is Being Processed

Fighting for the benefits you deserve is always tough when you are attempting to cope with a disability. In Canada, there are an estimated 5.6 million people who suffer from a disability of some kind. They are all entitled to government help.

When filing a disability claim, there are many pitfalls the average person can quickly fall into. Failing to manage your disability claim correctly can lead to your claim being forgotten or denied.

Here are our top tips for ensuring you receive the benefits you are entitled to.


Attend All Your Appointments

Were you called in for an interview or a consultation?

Make sure you attend this appointment. The welfare system has a huge backlog of applications and missing your appointment could mean being sent to the back of the line. Sometimes, missed appointments can even mean your application being forgotten entirely.

For anyone suffering from a disability, a few months’ worth of delays could cause serious financial hardship.

Complete Doctor Prescribed Treatments

Although only 0.2% of all welfare claims are considered fraudulent, as of 2018, the authorities carefully investigate each case before making a final decision.

You must follow any treatments prescribed by your doctor and ensure that you take any prescribed medications.

Failure to accept or follow treatments can count against you in your application. If you feel like you have been unfairly accused of not following your treatment program, contact an experienced disability lawyer in Toronto now.

Clarify Your Disability with Medical Evidence

A common misconception is all you need is a doctor’s note to gain access to disability welfare. This could not be further from the truth. The people processing your claim will likely never meet you.

Gather as much evidence to prove your disability as possible, including test results and medical prescriptions.

Remember, severe injuries do not automatically qualify for disability payments simply because there’s not enough evidence to show that you are suffering from a long-term disability. It is why most experts recommend not filing for disability too soon after experiencing a lifechanging injury.

Avoid Exaggerating Your Disability

It is not uncommon for many disabled people to be worried about whether they are “disabled enough” to be entitled to full disability payments. Never attempt to exaggerate your disabilities.

Failing to disclose an honest account of your disability and the impact it has on your life can not only get your claim denied but also might lead to criminal charges being brought against you.

Do not Forget About Your Claim

With thousands of claims plugging up an overstretched system every year, claims can stall. Chase up your disability claim if it is taking more than a few weeks to receive a response.

Sometimes claims are simply misplaced or forgotten about. Contacting the authorities will not make it less likely that your disability claim will be approved.

When making contact, maintain a calm, pleasant demeanor. The other person was likely not responsible for the mix-up and will be able to chase down your application to find out what is going on.

Do Not Refile if Your Claim is Denied

Getting denied for disability payments does not mean you are not entitled to help. There is a clear system for making an appeal if you believe you qualify for disability payments.

Refiling once your claim is denied does not increase your chances of receiving welfare. In fact, it will typically lead to your second claim being denied for the same reason as the first.

The only way to have someone look at the original verdict, and the reasoning for that verdict, is to follow the appeals system. A professional lawyer can help to guide you through this.

If you do choose to refile, this is only advisable if you have additional evidence that you did not provide with your first claim. Getting denied due to a lack of evidence is common. If you have obtained further proof of your disability and its effects on your life, refiling could be the right course of action.

Seek Professional Help

Understanding of the disability claims system is generally poor, including among the employees who are processing your claim. Seek professional help to ensure that you get treated fairly.

A disability lawyer will not just fight for your rights but could also get you back payment of welfare, depending on how long the case takes to resolve.

This includes if your initial claim is denied, and you need to appeal a decision. Remember, just because you were denied it does not mean you are not entitled to help.

Do not make the mistake of attempting to get your claim approved by yourself.


Filing a disability claim can be intimidating and confusing. Remember, there is a general lack of understanding of the needs and the challenges of the disabled across the country.

Contact a professional disability attorney in your local area and allow them to guide you through the confusing and difficult Canadian welfare system now.