Are Japanese fenders better than American?


Are Japanese fenders better than American?

Fenders made in the USA are usually of high quality. Fenders made in Japan are usually of high quality. Fender Japan is much cheaper. Some people say that the pickups of the US made are better or sound better.

Does Fender Japan still exist?

Fender Japan, Ltd. The collaboration began in 1982 and ended on March 31, 2015, with Fender’s launch of Fender Music Corporation (Japan) taking over the Japanese business effective April 1, 2015 with a Fender-manufactured product line.

When did Fender start making stratocasters in Japan?

Fender Contemporary Stratocaster electric guitars were produced by Fender Japan in the 1980s.

Are American made Fenders better?

American Fenders use higher-quality woods, electronics, and hardware. They are premium instruments made in the United States by skilled luthiers and workers. That doesn’t mean MIM Fenders are bad or made with low-quality components. It just means the MIA version is slightly better.

Are Mexican fenders worth it?

Even with that said, a Mexican Fender – although lacking some of the superior parts and more modification options of the American – is still a great instrument and an outstanding price with several musicians out there who actually swear by them over their pricier counterparts.

Are Fender Guitars made in Mexico any good?

That being said, Mexican Strats are still excellent sounding guitars. They deliver the same versatile range as the American Strats, with that same snappy tone quality. They just don’t have that extra oomph that makes an American Strat an American Strat.

Are Fender Stratocasters made in Japan?

Since it was difficult to protect Fender design from foreign competition, in 1982 Bill Schultz and Roger Balmer (Fender’s then head of marketing and sales) decided to produce authentic Fender Stratocasters in Japan, in order to compete with the non-original copies.

Is American Strat better than Mexican?

The American Stratocasters seems to have a crispier sound with more sharpness and definition than the even the best of the made in Mexico ones. As a player, you’ll experience a more distinct clear note separation, even on the fullest chords.

Why did Eric Clapton sell his guitar?

Eric Clapton is auctioning off 70 guitars from his formidable collection to raise money for his Antigua drug and alcohol rehabilitation center Crossroads.

What’s the difference between a Japanese fender and American Fender?

I’ve owned two Japanese strats and many American Strats (how on earth did you know that Quora?) and Japanese strats are amazing. Right up there with American stats for quality and workmanship. But, like the pre-CBS Fender (1965), Fender Japan was better in the 80’s.

Where does the Fender Stratocaster come from?

Although today, Fender still manufactures their High End guitar’s here in America, their mid-range production all comes out of Mexico [I own 5 or 6] Fender Strat’s Made in Mexico, ‘’MIM’’, Fender has their Squier line Made in China.

Where do they make Japanese made Fender guitars?

Fender also makes guitars in China and Mexico. These are either hit or miss. Some MIM Fenders are horrible while some are ok and others are great. It’s pretty much the same for the MIC Fenders. I’ve never played a poorly made Japanese Fender.

What’s the difference between a US made mij Strat?

The difference is that it will very likely be better crafted than the US made equivalent, unless it is a Custom Shop model, but the pickups and electronics may be inferior to those made in the USA. These days the MIJ Strats are very much sought after and so tend to fetch high prices.