Are Kenmore washer dryers stackable?


Are Kenmore washer dryers stackable?

Yes most Kenmore front load washers can have a dryer stacked on top. Stacking the dryer on top of the washer requires a stacking kit. Most dryers can be stacked but not all can be.

How old is my Kenmore stackable washer dryer?

Locate the serial number on a Kenmore washer made by Whirlpool. The second letter of the serial number identifies the year the machine was manufactured. For instance, “L” represents 2001, “M” means 2002 and, continuing through the alphabet, “Y” means 2009.

Is Kenmore Connect still available?

Currently available on select Kenmore and Kenmore Elite washers and dryers, Kenmore Connect is a level of digital technology that provides customer service representatives with real-time diagnostic information to help address customers’ use operation concerns.

Is Kenmore washer and dryer good?

Recognized as a top appliance brand for 100 years, Kenmore brings a new level of performance with appliances that deliver time savings, convenience and great results. From quickly cooling drinks to laundry loads completed in less time, Kenmore is the most awarded brand in the industry.

Are Kenmore Elite washers good?

The Bottom Line. Kenmore’s 41072 performs well and can hold a lot more laundry than your standard front-load washer, making it a huge asset for larger families.

Can you put any dryer on a pedestal?

Pedestals are made for front-load washers and dryers. Top-load washers and dryers will be more difficult to unload with the added height of a pedestal. Only use pedestals for side-by-side washer and dryer installations. You cannot use a pedestal to stack a washer and dryer.

Will Samsung pedestal work with Kenmore?

Yes the dimensions are the same but the washer is manufactured by LG which is not compatible with a Samsung pedestal. Kenmore/LG washers are secured with screws to the top of the pedestal. If you need a pedestal for your washer come by our store and purchase model 51122.

What does oe mean on my Kenmore washer?

OE error code indicates that the washer is unable to drain the water it used during the wash cycle. OE can be triggered by a kinked drain hose or a clogged drain pump filter.