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Can Facebook play FarmVille 2?


Can Facebook play FarmVille 2?

All you have to do is log in with your Zynga account, or create a new account for free. You can also log into FarmVille 2 using your Facebook account if you prefer. The game itself looks and plays exactly as it does on Facebook, only without the social networking trimmings.

Can you play FarmVille 2 with friends?

Due to a recent update in Facebook’s privacy, all of your FarmVille 2 activities can only be seen by friends who have installed the game. The “Invite Friends to be your Farmhands!” page will only show Facebook friends playing FarmVille 2. There are other areas in the game where you will be able to invite your friends.

What is replacing FarmVille?

The best alternative is Hay Day, which is free. Other FarmVille like games are Farm Up (Freemium), My Little Farmies Mobile (Free), My Free Farm 2 (Free) and Little Farm (Free).

Why can’t I play FarmVille 2 on Facebook?

Open your mobile browser, go to www.facebook.com and log-out from there. Make sure that you are logged out of your Facebook App. Go back to your game and reconnect to Facebook.

How do I get my old FarmVille 2 back?

How do I restore my saved progress?

  1. Play through tutorial until game settings (gear icon) appears.
  2. Then log in to the same Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account you used on the device that has your updated progress.
  3. Wait for your account to sync.

How do I add friends on FarmVille 2 without Facebook?

Be a Farmville 2 Community neighbor. If that is not happening, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Settings” option located right at the bottom. From the options listed, check “Enable Feature” next to “Community Friends are here.”

How do you unlock the Merryweather mine in Farmville 2?

It is unlocked at Level 18 and costs 100,000 coins. You can send a maximum of 6 farm hands to forage there. Foraging costs 2 Blanket, 2 Granola Bar and takes 2 hours.

How do I get more shovels in Farmville 2?

The toolshed makes a shovel in 8 hours for 10 coins or you can construct it instantly for 10 keys. They can also be used to clear out debris on your farm (wagons, logs, tree stumps, wheels, etc). Clearing debris uses up 1-6 shovels. When you clear out debris, you can get XP, Coins, items, and other rewards.