Common questions

Can TiVo be repaired?

Can TiVo be repaired?

Guaranteed. TiVo Repair Flat-Fee Service For Standard Definition TiVo – One Price Fixes All TiVo Problems. Guaranteed. Under our flat-fee repair program, one price covers whatever is wrong with your TiVo.

How long is TiVo warranty?


Devices Limited Warranty
31-90 days 91-365 days
DVR Warranty $0 $49
TiVo Mini VOX TiVo Mini LUX $0 $29

Who supports TiVo?

Supported app providers are Sling, Netflix, HBO Max, Prime, Prime Video, Hulu, CBS All Access, Tubi, Google Play, Disney+, Pluto TV, STARZ, VUDU, Peacock and many more. During TiVo Stream 4K setup, you’ll choose the apps that you use or are interested in using.

Where can I go to fix my TiVo?

Welcome to fix my! We’re huge TiVo fans and we’re here to help with any TiVo problems. We can tell you if you need professional TiVo repair or if you can fix your TiVo yourself, and, if so, where to find the parts. Our site is organized by the symptoms of a failing TiVo.

How long does it take to repair a TiVo DVR?

For Standalone TiVo DVRs 160GB = Approx 190 hours at Basic Quality. We can repair the hardware on these units. But due to changes that DIRECTV made in the Spring of 2019, they may not be able to be used anymore in many situations. Please contact us and tell us what your unit is doing and we can get you more details about a possible repair.

Why is there no signal on my TiVo?

No input signal – This is most common on a DirecTV TiVo. The satellite input fails (usually SAT 2 goes first). This is another problem that WeaKnees can fix – see the TiVo satellite tuner repair page.

Can a TiVo be used as a streaming device?

A streaming superhero. TiVo devices were made for 4K streaming, breaking down the barriers between your apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, 1 and your live and recorded TV, to quickly find what you’re looking for in the highest picture quality available.