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Can you name clients on a resume?

Can you name clients on a resume?

Definitely don’t list your client by name on your resume. If you have a very good relationship with the client or the work your firm is doing for them is public knowledge, you can sometimes try asking for a LinkedIn recommendation.

Can you mention clients in CV?

Company’s names go on your CV, a CV is personal and not for business use, so it makes no difference what their concerns are. There is no way they could ever find out anyway, since your references are likely to be employers not former clients of your employer. don’t limit yourself.

What companies look good on a resume?

4 Things Employers Look For In ResumesKeyword research. First and foremost, employers want to know if you’re qualified for the job. Embellished skills. Overall career progression. Personal brand and online presence.

How do you list subsidiaries on a resume?

I’d say go with the “big name” on the résumé and use the legal entity for background checks. You could work for a small subsidiary of a Fortune 50 and if you put the Fortune 50 on your resume, most hiring managers will view that as trying to pull a fast one.

How do you show a merger on a resume?

Description: (mention your date of joining in LittleCorp and the date of merger in a brief history, along with any designation changes.) Company: LittleCorp Inc. (acquired by MegaCorp Inc.) In case of multiple name changes , you dont need to mention all of them in the title.