Can you record Adobe Connect sessions?


Can you record Adobe Connect sessions?

Record a meeting Choose Meeting > Record Session. In the Record Session dialog box, enter a Recording name and summary for the meeting recording. Note: While recording a meeting, if your audio is disabled, enable it by selecting the Turn On Audio Conference option.

Can I download Adobe Connect recording?

In Connect 9.5, you can download Connect recordings in MP4 format. Creating an MP4 file is still a real-time conversion (e.g., if the recording is 90 minutes long, it will take 90 minutes to convert the file to MP4). To save an Adobe Connect recording as an MP4 file: Log into the Adobe Connect Manager .

How do I find my recordings in Adobe Connect?

Viewing a recording

  1. Log into the Connect Manager .
  2. Select the Meetings tab to see a list of the meetings you own.
  3. Click the name of the room from which the recording was made.
  4. Click the Recordings link.
  5. Click the name of the recording to see the recording’s properties page, and then click the link to view the recording.

How do I record a class in Adobe Connect?

Follow the steps below to record Adobe Connect.

  1. Open Adobe Connect.
  2. Check your microphone and ensure it works normally.
  3. Click “Meeting” on the top of interface then choose “Record meeting”.
  4. Name and write a brief description on popup window for your meeting.
  5. Press “Stop” button when you want to end recording.

Do you have to pay for Adobe Connect?

There is no monthly fee with the pay-per-use plan. You are only charged per-minute, per-user for the minutes used in any meetings you hold. For more information regarding Adobe Connect Hosted services, go to the Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan home page.

Can zoom detect screen recording?

Recording Your Zoom Meeting Zoom will detect a screen recording when done within the platform itself. This will notify all participants in the conversation and you can’t disable it.

Can you speed up videos on Adobe Connect?

Re: Adobe Connect – Speed up videos of Cohorts? The native recording playback doesn’t have a variable speed function. You could ask the instructor/school to make an MP4 version of the recording and then use a video player of choice that provides the option to adjust playback speed.

How do I make an Adobe Connect recording public?


  1. Click Meetings tab.
  2. Select the desired meeting.
  3. Click Recordings tab.
  4. Select a recording to make it public. Select the recording.
  5. Make the file publicly accessible.
  6. In the Meetings tab, click the recording name that was made public.
  7. Distribute the URL to users to enable them view the recording.

Is Adobe Connect better than zoom?

Adobe Connect maxes out at 25 users for standard web meetings, but for webinars, it can support up to 1,500 users which is 500 more than Zoom is capable of. Adobe Connect also has the advantage of being able to support high definition video for a greater number of users than Zoom.

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How to save a recording in Adobe Connect?

Step 1. Open the page, and click the “Get Start” button to start recording. Step 2. Choose to share the window of Adobe Connect, and then click the “Start Recording” button. Step 3. When you want to save the recorded video, click “Stop Recording.”

Where can I find support for Adobe Connect?

Get more information about managing your Adobe Connect account in the Adobe Connect FAQ. Phone: See Adobe Connect Support phone numbers. Chat : Simply click on the conversation icon on the bottom right corner to speak to a Product Specialist. Not sure if you’re a support delegate?

Can you play back audio from Adobe Connect?

All telephone-based audio is recorded, and can be played back with the audio conference. The audio heard through computer speakers during an Adobe Connect session is played back.