Can you solve trig without calculator?


Can you solve trig without calculator?

Right Triangles Often when you are asked to calculate the trig function of an angle without a calculator, you will be given a right triangle, and the angle you are asked about is one of the angles in the triangle. The remaining side is called the adjacent side, and it is used to calculate the cosine.

How do you find the exact value of sin 300?

We know the value of sin(60∘). Therefore the answer is −√32. Second Method: We can say that sin(5π3)=sin(300) since the value of π is 180∘.

What is the value of sine at 330?

The value of sin 330 degrees in decimal is -0.5. Sin 330 degrees can also be expressed using the equivalent of the given angle (330 degrees) in radians (5.75958 . . .). ⇒ 330 degrees = 330° × (π/180°) rad = 11π/6 or 5.7595 . . .

How do you prove sin 15?

Derivation of the Value of Sin 15 Degrees: Substituting the value of P in equation 1 and 2, => Sin (300/2) + Cos (300/2) = √(1 + Sin 300)

What is the exact value of sin 15?

What is the actual value of sin 15 degrees? The actual value of sin 15 degrees is (√3−1)/(2√2).

What is the exact value of sin 240?

Answer: The value of sin 240° is −√3/2.

How to find the exact value of sin ( 30 )?

Apply the reference angle by finding the angle with equivalent trig values in the first quadrant. Make the expression negative because sine is negative in the third quadrant. The exact value of sin(30) sin ( 30) is 1 2 1 2. The result can be shown in multiple forms.

Can you do trigonometry without a calculator?

However, trigonometry sums can be solved without the help of a calculator too. And though unbelievable, it’s not as hard as it seems to be. All you have to do is use the Trigonometry table and you will be able to crack up most of the answers in a short time and let me tell you that it’s even fun.

What is the value of the sine of 90°?

The sine of 0° is 0, the sine of 90° is 1, the sine of 180° is 0 and for 270° the value is -1. The values of cosine are also similar to sine’s cycle, just that it starts at 1.