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Can you tour Casa Rosada?


Can you tour Casa Rosada?

Tours of the Casa Rosada are free but must be booked in advance. English-language tours are held on weekends only.

How much is it to tour Casa Rosada?

The museum is open Wednesday – Sunday, and on public holidays, 10am – 6pm (last entry at 5,30pm). Entry is free. The Casa Rosada was constructed on the site of a fort established by the Spanish in 1580 and used by the Spanish colonial viceroys.

What is the Casa Rosada known for?

pink colour
The Casa Rosada, or the presidential palace, is one of the most emblematic buildings in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Known for its unique pink colour, this palace has been at the focal point of much of Argentina’s history.

Who lives in the Casa Rosada?

Government of Argentina

Casa Rosada
Current tenants Government of Argentina
Construction started Post Office: 1873 Government House: 1882 Unification: 1886
Completed Post Office: 1879 Government House: 1886 Unification: 1898
Demolished 1938 (partial)

Why is the Pink House in Argentina Pink?

As the first legend states, the Casa Rosada’s pink is the result of the mixing of cow’s blood into white paint, which was meant to protect the building from the ravages of Buenos Aires’s humid climate. Like the Customs House, the Annex (Argentina’s first Casa Rosada) is long-gone.

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Why is the pink house pink in Argentina?

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Proportion 2:3
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