Can you turbo a E46 M3?


Can you turbo a E46 M3?

With 450 wheel horsepower, a Horsepower Freaks E46 M3 might be the best way to make a fast car even better. Horsepower Freaks has a bunch of turbo kits that they can put on the E46, which makes it even better than when it came from the factory. …

Does E46 have turbo?

This BMW E46 sedan, built by Turbo Lamik, is powered by an M50 inline-six that’s been turbocharged to produce a massive 980 horsepower. After the 150-mph barrier, you can barely even hear the engine—it’s all whooshing turbo noise coming from under the hood.

Can you put a turbo on a E46?

All E46s (including the M3) are naturally-aspirated from the factory. Yes, it’s possible to add a turbo, and many have done it. Many build threads here on E46F. Besides nitrous, forced induction (turbo or supercharging) is really the only way to get a worthwhile power bump from an M54.

How many BMW E46 M3s are there in the US?

BMW E46 M3 Production Data – Standard Models. A total of 5,300 E30 M3 models were produced for North America while a total of 63,426 E46 M3 models were produced for North America.

When did the BMW M3 E46 get a facelift?

FACELIFT IN 2003. Just like the conventional E46, the M3 also underwent a model upgrade in 2003. In view of the extraordinarily positive response to the previous model, BMW M proceeded very cautiously. Only minor changes, such as the rear lights gaving way to a more modern version with LEDs, were made. PURE EMOTION. The BMW M3 E46 Engine.

What kind of engine does the BMW E46 have?

Available as a Coupe or Convertible, the E46 M3 was powered by BMW’s S54 3.2L straight six engine, producing 338hp. A few notable E46 M3 variants were produced, including the M3 Competition Package (ZCP) and the M3 CSL. Built until 2006, the E46 M3 was replaced by the E90 M3 in 2007. Q: What was the most expensive BMW M3 – E46 ever sold?

Why was the BMW E46 M3 homologation special?

This homologation special was only meant to help the company win Touring Car races, but it started a whole new genre and added excitement to the BMW range that it couldn’t do without. The E36 M3 of ’93 was accused of being more of a marketing tool – a tad unwieldy and overweight – but the E46 was designed to address that.