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Diamond Art Paintings: The Holy Grail To Unleashing Inner Creativity

Diamond Art Paintings: The Holy Grail To Unleashing Inner Creativity


Diamond Art Painting is a creative hobby, just like a mixture of paint-by-numbers and cross-stitch, storming the crafting world. You have to apply resin rhinestones with different colors onto the pigmented canvases. You’ll see an aesthetically pleasing diamond artwork that shines like an actual diamond.

In easier words, it is a form of art in which you apply shiny diamonds onto a canvas that has glue on it already to complete the painting. The result of a few hours of hard work is a beautiful artwork made solely by you.

Since the start, many artists have loved it from the crafting community, and it has been a popular hobby.


Diamond Paint is often described by people as the most relaxing craft because of the calming feeling while placing the diamonds one by one. You won’t even realize the time passing by while you work on your creativity and make stunning artwork. It is a fun activity and easy for everyone who wants to do it. You don’t need to have experience crafting as you can make the Diamond Art Painting easily without making a mess and making much effort. It’s a new hobby that lets you unroll your creativity and make yourself proud.


So you’re wondering what you should choose but don’t know how they are differentiated.  Both of the shapes are perfect for use, so it is your personal preference which one you want to use.

Round Diamonds: Round diamonds are easier to use and faster than square ones. You can easily see the colors of the canvas because of the round diamonds. Most of the artists love the way it looks.

Square Diamonds: Square diamonds take longer to place on the canvas, but they stay fitted and don’t show any canvas in between because of their shape.

Diamond art painting is described as an effortless and easy activity by the artists. It is perfect for every creative person, no matter what their age is. You need to follow these steps to do the Diamond painting.

  1. Keep all the materials in front of you in an organized way. Please make sure they’re within your reach. Then select a part of the painting you want to work on first.
  2. Check the chart on the canvas to know the colors of a particular section. Choose one color to start with, and then pick out the pack of diamonds of that color.
  3. Take out all the diamonds from the packet in a small tray.
  4. Make sure the diamonds are all lying down in the corrected position. The face of the diamonds must be up, so when you use the applicator to pick up the diamonds, it’s easier.
  5. Remove the plastic covering from the canvas section by section to protect the canvas from germs or dust.
  6. Now start applying the diamonds one by one till the end of the canvas.
  7. Once you’ve completed the artwork, place the plastic protector on top of the diamonds, then carefully press the canvas with a book to secure the diamonds in their place.
  8. If you follow these simple techniques, your artwork will turn out to be a masterpiece ready to frame.


Creating your diamond artwork is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Dip the tip of the brush into the wax strip.
  2. Grab each diamond by pressing the meeting to the round side of the diamond.
  3. Apply the diamonds one by one to the adhesive canvas by placing them according to the color-coded chart, and that’s it.

Now enjoy the whole process of adding your diamonds until the artwork is ready! The process is entirely stress-free because of the Paint With Diamond Art Kits with everything you need to start, which are now getting sold everywhere.


Unlike most hobbies such as gardening or baking, Diamond Painting has a much quicker and more stress-free effect, and it doesn’t need any prior experience from the past. You can start doing it without any prior knowledge about diamond painting. You can easily make a decent painting for the first time as you will get busy creating your diamond painting. You will surely enjoy it every time you start your artwork.


If you don’t know a lot about diamond painting, we have all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question: How are the diamonds made? And how are they made to shine?

Answer: The diamonds that are provided in the kits are made from polymer resins. The cuts at the sides of the facets cause them to shine.

Question: What does a diamond painting kit entail?

Answer: A diamond painting usually includes:

  1. A smooth, velvety canvas in your wanted size.
  2. Diamonds in several colors.
  3. A tray to collect the diamonds.
  4. A pen to pick up the diamonds.
  5. Adhesive for the pen.

Question: How should I use my completed diamond painting?

Answer: There are a lot of ways to use your finished diamond paintings. The best way to use them is to frame them and hang your artwork at your workplace or somewhere in your house.

Question: Are paint by diamonds and diamond paintings the same thing?

Answer: Yes, both of the titles are used for diamond painting as it is similar to paint by numbers.


Diamond Painting is a source of relaxation and entertainment, but we have some tips for enjoying your experience the most.

  1. The area you’re planning to paint should be separate and kept away from children’s reach.
  2. The canvas should be kept covered when you’re not applying diamonds onto it as it gets dusty and loses its tackiness.
  3. Make sure to press the painting with a heavyweight after applying the diamonds to make sure they stick to the canvas.


Your All Diamond Painting Kits will be a delight for any room. When people see it, they’ll surely be planning to make one diamond painting on their own. It can be a great decoration piece, and the perfect gift one will ever receive. Now you can choose from various original artworks made for every taste and which can match any decor. You can pick artwork for yourself, your family member, or a friend.