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Did a Hatfield marry a McCoy?


Did a Hatfield marry a McCoy?

Johnse Hatfield, who would be married four times in his life, met Nancy McCoy (the daughter of Asa Harmon McCoy, who had been killed by the Hatfields) and they were married on May 14, 1881.

Did Cap Hatfield marry?

Cap married Nancy Elizabeth Smith (1866-1942) on October 11, 1883 and had the following children: Coleman Anderson Hatfield (1889-1970) who married Bertha Marie Caldwell (1883-1963) aka Mossie Caldwell; Sheppard “Captain S” Hatfield (1891-?); Levicy Hatfield (1893-?); Pinkie Hatfield (1894-?); Louise “Lou” Hatfield ( …

Are there any living descendants of the Hatfields or McCoys?

Ron McCoy and Reo Hatfield are both descendants of the famous feuding Hatfields and McCoys. They will be among descendants visiting Pikeville next week for Hatfield and McCoy Heritage Days.

Are the Hatfields and McCoys still feuding today?

The more than a century-old family feud that some say started over a pig, officially ended Saturday. The actual fighting between the Hatfields and McCoys has been long over. But representatives from both families decided to sign a truce.

Where did the McCoys and the Hatfields live?

The Hatfields, led by William Anderson ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield lived on the West Virginia side of the river. The McCoys, led by Randolph McCoy, were from Kentucky. The origins of the feud are rooted in southern resentment of the Union after the Civil War.

Is there a love story between Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield?

The story of Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy has been romanticized for years, and it is indeed a tragic love story akin to something Shakespeare might have devised.

Why did Anse McCoy refuse to marry Randall Hatfield?

He believed that Randall had his spirit and mind broken by his experiences in the Civil War, but that he would eventually come to his senses and allow Anse to help him. Anse’s opposition to the marriage therefore lay in the fact that he refused to defy (and thus disrespect) Randall with regard to his daughter.

Who was killed in the Hatfield and McCoy feud?

(Squirrel Huntin’) Sam McCoy~~~The Hatfield and McCoy feudist. Sam was a nephew of (Ranal) Randolph McCoy. sam shot and killed Bill Staton in a shot out. Bill had testified against Randolph McCoy in the Pig trial of 1878.