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Do I charge HST for out of province sales?


Do I charge HST for out of province sales?

When selling goods or services out of province to Alberta, The Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Yukon, all of which have no provincial sales tax, you would simply charge the GST (5%) on the sale.

Can you claim HST from another province?

Services and Property brought from another province: You may be eligible to claim a rebate of the difference in HST if you bring the supply or the service from one province to be used in another province.

Which province does not collect HST?

Every province except Alberta has implemented either a provincial sales tax or the Harmonized Sales Tax. The federal GST rate is 5 percent, effective January 1, 2008. The territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut have no territorial sales taxes, so only the GST is collected.

Does HST apply to shipping charges?

Domestic freight transportation services are generally subject to the GST at a rate of 5%, or the HST at the applicable harmonized rate if made in a participating province, but may qualify for zero-rating in certain circumstances if they are part of an international freight movement.

Do I have to pay HST if I live in Alberta?

Text: We don’t pay a sales tax in Alberta, but the Canada revenue agency CRA has found a way for Albertans to pay taxes in other provinces and you don’t even have to leave the province to do it. It’s charged based on the receivers address, so a parcel sent from Alberta to BC will be charged HST.

Does Quebec charge HST to Ontario customers?

The current rates are: 5% (GST) in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. 13% (HST) in Ontario. 15% (HST) in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

What items are exempt from HST in Ontario?

You are not required to pay the Ontario portion (8%) of the HST on items such as books, children’s clothing and footwear, children’s car seats and car booster seats, diapers, qualifying food and beverages, and newspapers. The Canada Revenue Agency administers the rebate on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Does Fedex charge HST?

The supply of this transportation service is subject to HST at a rate of 13% because the destination of the transportation service is in Ontario. The supply of this transportation service is subject to GST at a rate of 5%, plus QST at a rate of 9.975% because this is an intra-Quebec transportation service.

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Do you have to pay GST when shipping to another province?

To learn more about GST/HST, please visit the CRA’s website Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST). Also, you do not need to be the one shipping the goods. If physical delivery occurs in the province that the buyer is in, then their province dictates the taxation rules.

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Where does the HST apply to goods from Alberta to Ontario?

Although legal delivery of the goods to the purchaser occurs in Alberta, delivery of the goods to the purchaser is considered to occur in Ontario because the supplier ships the goods to an address in Ontario. The place of supply is Ontario (a participating province) and the HST will apply at the Ontario rate.