Do I have to wear the Silver Shroud costume?


Do I have to wear the Silver Shroud costume?

The Silver Shroud submachine gun is not required for the quest, however, it is necessary to wear the Silver Shroud costume to get “Speak as the Shroud” response options. While in Goodneighbor, listen to the radio to obtain the first target, Wayne Delancy, behind the Hotel Rexford, who is accused of murder.

How do I get the Silver Shroud costume?

You can pick this quest up by listening to Silver Shroud radio, or by talking with Kent Connolly in the Memory Den at Goodneighbor. After talking with Kent, head to Hubris Comics to find the Silver Shroud costume. You’ll find the costume on the top level.

What do I do with the Silver Shroud costume?

After agreeing to hunt down a Silver Shroud costume, leave Goodneighbor and travel to Hubris Comics, which is a couple of blocks west of The Freedom Trail in the financial district. Once inside, work your way up the building, fending off Ghouls along the way. You’ll find the costume on the top floor.

What is the silver shrouds name?

Shroud (gamer)

Grzesiek in 2018
Personal information
Name Michael Grzesiek
Born June 2, 1994 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Can you upgrade silver shroud hat?

A reward for completing The Silver Shroud quest, the costume and hat can be found at the top floor of Hubris Comics on a mannequin that displays them. The “Silver Shroud armor” items can be received from Kent Connolly in Goodneighbor as a series of upgrades after bringing him the “Silver Shroud costume” item.

Can you upgrade silver shroud armor?

In order to unlock upgrades, the player has to complete The Silver Shroud and ensure Kent survives. He will then upgrade the armor as the player levels up (the initial armor is matched to level 15; subsequent upgrades become available at levels 25, 35, and 45).

Is Magnolia a synth?

Background. Magnolia is a synth vocalist living in Goodneighbor. She was hired by Whitechapel Charlie to perform at the Third Rail as a source of live entertainment for bar patrons sometime before 2287.

Where is Kent after silver shroud?

Sometimes Kent gets stuck in the Milton General Hospital after finishing the quest The Silver Shroud. This may be fixed using console command 228ac. moveto 228a6 to move him to Irma in Goodneighbor. Alternatively, push him to the first elevator and he’ll then make his way back to Goodneighbor.

Is killing Shelly Tiller bad?

You can optionally get rid of Shelly Tiller. She is hiding in the National Guard Training Yard, on the first floor. She will not be defending herself, and killing her will be considered as a bad behavior.

How do you save Kent silver shroud?

Step 3) Play your part as the Silver Shroud. While he’s making his little speech, grab your highest damage weapon and use VATS to aim for his head. Make sure you use a critical hit to take him out in one shot, and the rest of his gang will panic and take off, leaving Kent behind.

Do you have to wear the silver shroud costume?

Conversely, the offer can be accepted, after which Kent gives the player character instructions to listen to Silver Shroud Radio station while in Goodneighbor. The Silver Shroud submachine gun is not required for the quest, however, it is necessary to wear the Silver Shroud costume to get “Speak as the Shroud” response options.

Who is the silver shroud in Fallout 4?

Previously a man from your time, Kent has a strong fondness for a comic book hero named The Silver Shroud, and he’d love to cosplay as the once-famous vigilante. That’s where you come in.

Where does sole survivor go in the silver shroud?

By listening to it, the Sole Survivor learns that Sinjin has targeted Kent. Return to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor and speak to Irma will explain that Kent was taken by a group of armed raiders. Tune in to Silver Shroud Radio to learn that Sinjin has taken Kent to Milton General Hospital.

What to do with the silver shroud calling card?

One will have the option of asking Wayne about the murder while speaking as the Shroud, which Wayne will confess to. The confession can also by by simply threatening him. Regardless of the approach, Wayne must be killed and a Silver Shroud calling card must be left on his corpse.