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Do torsion axles wear out?


Do torsion axles wear out?

Helpful Expert Reply: It is certainly possible for any axle to wear out enough over time to need replacing. Since the suspension is built into a torsion axle if the suspension part was to wear out pretty much the only solution would be to replace the axle.

Are torsion axles any good?

Both torsion and suspensions have a record of reliability. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but it comes down to your preference because they both work great in their own way. Torsion axles are made up of thick rubber cords concealed in the axle’s tubing.

What is the advantage of a torsion axle?

Having a good quality axle means you are worry-free. Torsion axles offer a low maintenance, reliable, quiet, smooth ride. HSI Duratek torsion axles make it simple to have peace-of-mind while trailer towing.

What does torsion axle mean?

Torsion axles have a straightforward, attached construction with adjustable ride height and a rubberized suspension system. As each wheel moves up and down, the rubber cords compress offering an even wheel suspension system for a smooth ride.

How long will torsion axles last?

Subject: RE: Rubber Torsion Axle Life Expectancy? the lifespan is 15-20 years…. no matter how many miles towed or how stored (weight off frame, etc.)

Can torsion axles be adjusted?

Adjusting torsion axles can be done, but you loose suspension travel. You can compress the torsion axle by use of a clamp between the frame and the axle. It is slow, and a pain, but it can be done fairly easily and safely – it is just tedious to operate every time.

Can torsion axles be repaired?

Torsion axles use internal rubber cords to provide the suspension motion and they really are not practical to repair/rebuild. Certainly any axle that was damaged in an accident should be replaced purely for safety reasons.

How do you check a torsion axle?

The first test is to jack up each side of the trailer and watch to see if the wheel moves down as weight is removed from that side, if on either side the wheel does not drop at least 1½” the axle needs replacing.

What is better torsion or spring axles?

You might be asking “Which is better, torsion or spring axles?” That’s a complicated question. Torsion trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance. Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on.

How does a torsion axle work?

Torsion axles work by using rubber cords or cartridges inside the axle tube to handle suspension travel and shock absorption. Torsion axles do not use leaf springs, but instead the compression of the rubber to supply the suspension support needed. Each wheel works independently from one another.

What is the purpose of torsion bar?

Torsion bars perform the same function as a coil or leaf spring. They support the vehicle’s weight and absorb the movement caused by changes in the distance between the vehicle and the terrain.

What is a torsion bar do?

A torsion bar is a type of suspension system that is typically used in wheeled vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. A suspension system is an important and critical element of a vehicle’s design.