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Does Adriano Zumbo have a shop?


Does Adriano Zumbo have a shop?

Zumbo’s retail stores in Sydney and Melbourne are patisseries, which sell $3 macarons, $4 croissants and $8 individual serves of cakes. Fancy Nance was a high tea room, offering $45 to $65 dessert degustation menus.

Why did Zumbo go out of business?

The Australian Financial Review even claimed Zumbo could have been trading while insolvent. Administrators appointed to companies directed by Adriano, were made up of landlords and trade creditors. The exact reason for his company’s financial collapse is not known.

How many shops does Adriano Zumbo have?

According to the company’s website, Zumbo operates just eight stores across Melbourne and Sydney.

Is the lady on Zumbo’s just desserts pregnant?

Because although Rachel was sporting a bump on the show, she is already a mom of two in real time. So just to clear up any lingering curiosities viewers might have: Rachel wasn’t just sporting an impressive food baby during Season 2 of Zumbo’s Just Desserts; she was most definitely pregnant.

What happened to Rachel Khoo?

Khoo, 40, whose father is Malaysian Chinese and mother is Austrian, grew up in Bromley, southeast London. She has a string of books and TV programmes to her name and now lives in Stockholm with her Swedish husband, Robert Wiktorin, and their two young children.

Is the Adriano Zumbo in Rozelle still open?

Sadly, Zumbo has closed his Rozelle store, but luckily the tiny outlet at Balmain remains open. We stopped by and tried one of the newer additions to the dessert selection – the Hazelnut Forest, with a hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut crunch, cherry jam, milk curd, hazelnut mousse and hazelnut spray. Phew. That’s a lot of hazelnut.

Who are the members of Adriano Zumbo’s family?

Despite Zumbo’s retail stores having nearly $13 million turnover, Zumbo’s companies were tightly controlled by him and his family, with his sister Rosalba occupying various director and secretary roles and his parents Frank and Annuziata lending hundreds of thousands of dollars to the business.

Why did Adriano Zumbo close fancy Nance in Melbourne?

The Melbourne business was also struggling. Last financial year Melbourne sales fell by 20 per cent after Fancy Nance closed and stopped buying desserts from its South Yarra kitchen, while operating expenses increased. Zumbo’s Melbourne company continued to pay the rent for Fancy Nance and Little Frankie’s after the shop closure.

How much does Adriano Zumbo owe the tax office?

The administrators estimate Zumbo owes more than $1 million to the tax office for GST and PAYG withheld as of June 2018. Since then, Zumbo has been meeting with potential investors to sell the Lane Cove West production kitchen, which makes dessert for all Sydney stores.