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Does Carmen come back in the dumping ground?


Does Carmen come back in the dumping ground?

In S.O.S., Carmen is the one who discovers that Jody is living with a horrible brother (Kingsley) and plots a rescue mission. Carmen realises that she has been fooled by Esme, who has told her mum that Carmen is another rich girl who attends Esme’s school, so she returns to the Dumping Ground.

What episode does Tracy fall down the stairs?

“The Visitors” is the 1st episode in Series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns and the 27th episode overall.

Where did Kitty go in Tracy Beaker Returns?

It is assumed that Kitty has a mental illness of some kind, however it is never disclosed what that illness is. It’s only ever mentioned that she moved onto a special care home that could better care for her needs.

What episode of Tracy Beaker Returns does Jody arrive?

Jody Jackson
“Jody Jackson” is the 11th episode in Series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns and the 37th episode overall.

Why did Mike Leave the dumping ground?

He leaves near the end of series one to work at a desperately short staffed children’s home as a head care worker. This makes Tracy very angry (as it was only short notice- he left the same day it was announced) and she then sells Mike’s beloved guitar which he has had since he was young.

Is Frank from the dumping ground really disabled?

Background. Frank was born with Cerebral Palsy and as a child, he lived with his grandfather Eric.

How old is Sapphire from Tracy Beaker Returns?

17 years old
‘Sapphire ”Seff’ Fox is 17 years old (16 when left) and is the oldest of the DG kids.

Why is Jody in care?

Jody once had to eat dog food. Jody’s mother and two brothers assaulted a neighbour, and consequently they went on trial and Jody was taken into care.

Why did Tyler leave dumping ground?

He first appeared on the franchise in the third series of Tracy Beaker Returns and continued his role into The Dumping Ground. Midway through the eighth series, after his relationship with Jody Jackson became known, he moved to St. Lucia to live with his mother; thus leaving the show.

How long did Tracy Beaker live at Burnywood?

It’s revealed in “The Burnywood Menace” that Tracy lived at Burnywood for 2 weeks before she lived in T he Dumping Ground. It was said that she had all of her stuff nicked there, and she had her bedroom door kicked in 12 times.

Why did Tyler Lewis and Rick Barber leave Burnywood?

Burnywood did close down for a short period after a fire broke out in the home. It re-opened some time before Series 2 of The Dumping Ground. But been as Tyler Lewis and Rick Barber weren’t moved back there, it was probably because Dennis resigned from his occupation as a care worker.

Who is Dennis Stockle from Burnywood care home?

Burnywood was a lot cheaper than Elm Tree House, but it was run by a very strict “care” worker called Dennis Stockle, who treats every care kid like they’re just prisoners and run the care home like it’s a prison.