Does GTA San Andreas PS3 have trophies?


Does GTA San Andreas PS3 have trophies?

Win a game of pool. Export all three car lists. Purchase any house. Do a dumbbell curl or benchpress at any gym….Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trophies.

Developer Rockstar North
Releases PS3 • WW • Nov 10, 2010 PS4 • WW • Dec 05, 2015

Is there any missable trophies in GTA 5?

Assuming that you tackle the mission named ‘The Third Way’ when given the choice towards the end of the campaign, you’ll only encounter two missable Trophies in the game. These are ‘Altruist Acolyte’ and ‘Wanted: Alive or Alive’, so make sure that you pay extra attention to these in the Trophy Guide below.

What are the hidden trophies in GTA San Andreas?

Secret Achievements and Trophies

Achievement/Trophy name Gamerscore (Xbox 360) Requirement
Double or Nothin’ 20 Put all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win.
Assassin 10 Complete a stealth kill.
Original Gangster 100 Reach maximum respect.
The Los Santos Slayer 20 Reach a total kill count of 4,000.

Do cheats disable trophies in GTA San Andreas PS3?

Cheats DON’T disable trophies :)”

How do you get a platinum trophy in GTA?

Lost Santos Legend (Platinum): Congratulations! You’re Vinewood’s biggest star! You’ll get this once you’ve unlocked all other trophies (PS only).

Are there extra trophies in Grand Theft Auto V?

In theory all trophies are supposed to Autopop as soon as you transfer your character, but occasionally they will differ player-by-player and may require a trigger to unlock. These are listed in the guide. There is also an extra trophy on PS4, which is A New Perspective, requiring you to play the game in FPS mode for 15 hours.

Is the run like the wind trophy available on PS3?

Due to Rockstar disabling online bounties on PS3, Run Like The Wind is currently unobtainable, and likely will remain so as they have dropped support for the PS3 version. If you already earned this trophy when the game came out, the rest of the services are fine and the Platinum will be obtainable.

Are there any problems unlocking trophies on PS4?

As a general note, many trophies on both PS3 and PS4 have issues unlocking, whether that being dirctly or by extension (such as side-missons not appearing and thus making 100% completion unobtainable).

How to get the career criminal Trophy in GTA 5?

This is the most time-consuming step in single-player. For 100% Completion and the Career Criminal trophy you are required to firstly finish all 20 of Franklin’s Strangers & Freaks side-missions, which in turn requires you to find 50 Spaceship Parts and 50 Letter Scraps.