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Does Planned Parenthood take Medi Cal?

Does Planned Parenthood take Medi Cal?

We accept Medi-Cal, employer-sponsored, and private insurance plans. Including (but not limited to): Oscar, Aetna, Blue Shield, Molina, HealthCare Partners, and more. If the medical service you are seeking is not covered, you can still visit a Planned Parenthood health center.

What is the age limit for Planned Parenthood?

Our services are available to everyone. Many of our patients are women ages 18 to 29. We also provide services to men and teens. Our education programs typically serve youth ages 12 to 18.

How much is a visit to Planned Parenthood without insurance?

The cost of a visit averages between $95 and $110. Additional charges may apply depending on any need to run tests or additional procedures.

How much is a visit at Planned Parenthood?

The cost for a visit ranges from $90 to $110. Each type of birth control has varying costs: Pills cost an average of $25 per month. At the health center, ask about discounts and special progams .

Can I go to Planned Parenthood without mY parents knowing?

Teens are always welcome at any of our health centers. You can call your local health center to schedule an appointment. Will my parents need to know I visited Planned Parenthood? Our health centers provide confidential services, so your parents do not have to know that you came.

How to make an appointment with Planned Parenthood of Illinois?

Select the health center address below to make an online appointment and find out about services and insurance. You can also call a health center for an appointment or walk-in availability. Telehealth appointments are available for patients within Illinois. The online appointment system is for NON-URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

How to contact Planned Parenthood Federation of America?

Or call 1-800-230-7526. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 13-1644147.

Is the birth control at Planned Parenthood one size fits all?

Birth control isn’t one size fits all, PPIL staff will provide information to help you pick the method that’s right for you. We’re here to provide you with the medically-accurate information you need to make the choice that is best for you.