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Does Synology support Plex?

Does Synology support Plex?

Synology NAS models like the DS220+ and DS1019+ already come packing Synology’s packages (or apps) that can handle streaming to devices and whatnot. Still, to make things easier and more visually appealing, you can opt to use Plex.

Which Synology NAS is best for Plex?

Bottom line: My pick for the best affordable Plex NAS Synology simply has to be the DiskStation DS220+. The company recently released this enclosure with improved internals and a better CPU. It’s a fantastic NAS enclosure for the price and can even handle some 4K transcoding, should you require it.

Does DS218 support Plex?

As you may have heard, support for the Plex media server application on the Synology DS218 NAS has now been made possible. This long overdue update to the Plex media server software so it will run on Realtek processor NAS devices, has taken more than half a year to be released.

What servers are compatible with Plex?

Plex Media Server is available for a number of NAS devices, including:

  • Asustor (Intel, ARM)
  • Drobo (ARM)
  • Netgear ReadyNAS (Intel, ARM)
  • QNAP (Intel, ARM)
  • Seagate (Intel, ARM)
  • Synology (Intel, ARM)
  • TerraMaster (Intel)
  • unRAID (Intel)

How many Plex servers can I have?

Once Plex is installed and the web client is open, you can create your Plex server. Plex supports multiple servers per account, and each server supports multiple libraries and plug-in channels. Most installations will only use a single server, but the option is there if you prefer to run more than one.

How to use ds215j and Plex server on Windows?

DS215J & Plex Server on Windows : synology Guys, I wanted to ask you if the DS215J would be suitable for me, I want to store my 1080p media on it, and the transcoding would be done by a … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log InSign Up User account menu 2 DS215J & Plex Server on Windows

Can you install Plex Media Server on a NAS?

You have the option to install Plex Media Server on Synology NAS using two methods. This route is a little more complicated and requires you to download and install new Plex Media Server releases, but it’s my preferred method. Download the Plex Server package. (Choose “Synology” under “NAS”.) Connect to your Synology NAS.

What do I need to set up Plex on a Synology NAS?

To install and configure your very own Plex Media Server on a Synology NAS, you’ll need the following equipment. The DS220+ is considered the perfect entry point for anyone new to the beautiful world of NAS. Powered by an Intel processor and with two drive bays, you have ample performance available for setting up a home media server with Plex.

Which is the operating system of the ds115j?

DSM is the operating system of DS115j. Please select your current DSM version and the version you wish to update to. Once the download is complete, go to DSM Control Panel to run a manual update. If you cannot find your current version here, please refer to this article.