How accurate is the Browning T-bolt?


How accurate is the Browning T-bolt?

Accuracy for the T-Bolt was better than expected with CCI Standard Velocity 40-grain lead round-nose ammunition. This was the cheapest ammo G&A tested, averaging $8 for a box of 100 rounds, which flirts with the pricing found on bulk rimfire ammo. The best five-shot group at 50 yards measured a scant . 41-inch.

How far is a 17 HMR accuracy?

The effective range of a . 17 HMR bullet for small game hunting and target shooting is about 150 yards. At 150 yards the . 17 HMR cartridge experiences a bullet drop of about 3″-/+ which allows for consistent accuracy.

Does Browning make a 17 HMR?

Browning T-Bolt Target/Varmint . 17 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle | Academy. With straight-pull action and a 10-round Double Helix™ magazine, the Browning T-Bolt Target/Varmint . 17 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle is great for your collection.

What is a Browning T-bolt?

FAST, SLICK, NATURAL, AMAZING STRAIGHT PULL — The straight “T” bolt design lets you load and eject with a simple pull back and push forward. This system is unequaled among rimfires for raw bolt action speed — nearly as fast as a semi-auto 22. But you retain all the accuracy advantages of a bolt action design.

Where is the Browning T-Bolt made?

6 February 2020. The Browning T-Bolt action was introduced to the US rimfire market in 1965. Made in Belgium, the early T-Bolt was recognised as a masterpiece of innovative engineering – handy, accurate and easy to use, it should have been a winner.

What can a 22lr do?

Most commonly used as a field gun for small game hunting, the rifle is also popular as an all-around utility long gun used for self-defense, pest or varmint control, target shooting, training, and survival. And the round is tremendously affordable; a .

Where are browning T-bolt rifles made?

The left side is stamped with ‘Browning Arms Company, Morgan, Utah. Made in Japan/Miroku’ while the right side shows ‘T-Bolt Cal. .22 Long Rifle Only….Specifications.

Make Browning – made by Miroku in Japan
Model Target/Varmint
Action T-Bolt straight pull with enlarged handle. Blued steel receiver

How does a Browning T-bolt work?

The mainspring for the firing pin runs through the middle of the pivot pin, cocking effort equally split between opening and closing of the bolt for ease of operation. When the bolt is cocked a red indicator is visible atop the firing pin, disappearing when the rifle is fired.

What is a straight pull bolt action rifle?

Straight-pull rifles differ from a conventional bolt action mechanisms in that the manipulation required from the user in order to chamber and extract a cartridge predominantly consists of a linear motion only, as opposed to a traditional turn-bolt action where the user has to manually rotate the bolt for chambering …

Is the Browning T-bolt varmint a good target?

I tested the T-Bolt Varmint at 50 yards and 100 yards with a variety of .17 HMR rounds of differing bullet weights. Accuracy was good overall with all ammunition tested but the Hornady NTX load was extremely accurate at 50 yards while the CCI Game Points were better at 100 yards.

How is the magazine on a Browning 17 HMR?

The magazine construction is polycarbonate with a translucent body showing the innards and the double helix operation holding the .17 HMR rounds in an “S” configuration. A small wheel is rotated a quarter of a turn to load a round, removing the spring tension so 10 rounds are easy to load quickly.

When did the Browning T bolt come out?

I own an original Browning T-bolt, which I have had since the mid-1960s and still marvel at its unique design with its super-fast straight-pull bolt operation.

How big is the barrel on a 17HMR varmint?

The normal Sporter profile barrel is 22in long while this .17HMR Varmint version is 16.5in long. Both start at 0.825in diameter at the receiver ring (measured from the outside of the barrel) tapering down to 0.535in at the muzzle for the Sporter and 0.675in for the Varmint.