How are JEDEC trays used in Test and assembly?


How are JEDEC trays used in Test and assembly?

[&Matrix&] [rays&] are used primarily in automated test & assembly processes and conform to [&JEDEC&] standards. Integrated circuits and components are picked from trays for testing or assembly into printed circuit boards. [&Matrix&] [rays&] are stackable within the same device family and maker’s model.

When was the first JEDEC IC tray made?

We started to design and produce JEDEC IC packing tray in 1992. Today, we have become a well-known manufacturing company of producing IC packing tray in Asia. We possess excellent capability in the design and manufacturing technology for JEDEC IC tray and embossed carrier tape.

When was the first Daewon IC tray made?

Subsequently in 1991, Daewon introduced its first Integrated Circuit shipping trays. Prior to this time, because of the precision manufacturing requirements, JEDEC IC trays had only been manufactured in the United States and Japan.

What are the different types of Daewon products?

Daewon’s broad product line includes JEDEC IC Trays, Wafer Carrier products, Carrier Tape & Reels, Bare Die Tapes and IC Shipping Tubes.

What are the dimensions of JEDEC matrix trays?

JEDEC standard trays are constructed from molding compounds, though other materials such as aluminum are permissible. JEDEC standard trays are strong, with minimum twist, to hold and protect its contents. The outline dimensions of all JEDEC matrix trays are 12.7 x 5.35 inches (322.6 x 136mm).

What kind of trays are used for BGA?

Trays are available for many BGA package sizes and are available in various Temperature Range materials including NoStat ® ESD-safe Materials. Our BGA trays offer a unique mix of protection and flexibility for your automated environment.

How do you dry pack JEDEC IC trays?

During dry packing, the trays and contents are baked in industrial ovens for several hours at 125°C to get the moisture out of the components, and then sealed in moisture barrier vacuum bags (look for the dewdrop icon on the outside of the bag). Do not use standard bags to vacuum seal the tray stack.