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How do I approach a contact for a job?

How do I approach a contact for a job?

Ask for information and introductions, not a job. Candidates should reach out directly to the person in the position they want — not the recruiter or hiring manager. Research is the prelude to networking and directly reaching out to hiring managers. Informational interviews aren’t about asking for job opportunities.

How do you ask for a contact?

How to Ask for a New ContactPosition the meeting. Tell your Referral Source that you are building your business through referrals and would like their help. Position your self and your firm. Describe clearly the business results that you deliver to your clients. Describe your ideal client. Ask for the referral. Follow-up religiously.

What do I say when asking for a job?

Introduce Yourself By introducing yourself and shaking hands with everyone you talk to, you demonstrate that you’re friendly and personable. Tell them your first and last name and, if applicable to the position you’re applying for, tell them your occupation. Example: Hello, my name is Alex Hernandez.