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How do I claim TNT for free on Facebook?

How do I claim TNT for free on Facebook?

All active TNT and Smart Prepaid subscribers nationwide are eligible to get 1 GB/day FREE IG, FB and Tiktok, by dialing *123# and going to the specified menu level for the promo (currently named as “FREE IG+FB for ALL”). They will be shown instructions on how to avail of the promo.

How do I claim free data from TNT?

Upon completion of subscription & purchase, you will get an SMS or email confirming the receipt of your free 500MB data.

  1. Sign in to your TNT App or visit TNT online store. Get access to promos using your TNT app.
  2. Register to GaanSurf50. Once logged in, click ‘Subscribe’.
  3. Use GaanSurf50 with additional 500MB data – Free!

How do I register FB10 on TNT?

To register to the TNT FB10 promo, text the keyword FB10 to 4545. Make sure that you have at least ₱10 load balance. You will receive a text confirmation after successfully registering to the promo.

Does UNLI Facebook include messenger?

NEW! Unli FB includes full FB features (photos, etc.). You can highlight the Unli FB & Messenger in your post. Unli FB includes full FB features (photos, etc.).

How do I avail TNT promo?

How to Register with TNT Promo on your Mobile Phone

  1. Step 1: On your TNT mobile phone dial *123# This is the first thing that you need to do is dial the *123# on your TNT mobile device.
  2. Step 2: Select the promo of your choice.
  3. Step 3: Select SUBSCRIBE in the list of choices.

How can I share Facebook MB in TNT?

It’s easy to share your data in Smart or TNT using the PasaData feature. All you have to do is to text PASADATA <11-digit number> to 808.

How do I share a load on TNT?

Pasaload using Smart and TNT

  1. Text PASALOAD SMART OR TNT NUMBER AMOUNT to 808. ( Ex. Pasaload 09191234567 20 and send to 808)
  2. Both you and your recipient will receive text notifications for the transaction.

How do I check my TNT points?

To check accumulated points, just text POINTS to 9800.