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How do I download data from Contour Next meter?


How do I download data from Contour Next meter?

  1. Connect your Device. Connect your device to your computer. If you are using a Contour Next or Contour Next One meter you will need a Micro USB cable to connect the meter to your computer.
  2. Upload. Confirm the Tidepool Uploader is set to the right time zone. Click “Upload” to upload your data.

How do I reset my Contour Next Link meter?

You can turn a meter setting off or on from the meter using the following steps:

  1. Turn off the meter and move away from your mobile device.
  2. Turn your meter on.
  3. Scroll to Settings.
  4. Press ‘OK’ on each screen until you find the setting to change.
  5. Use the up and down arrows on the outer ring to change the setting. Press ‘OK’

How do you set up a contour next meter?

The highly accurate CONTOUR™NEXT meter is easy to use.

  1. Insert the grey end of a CONTOUR™NEXT test strip into the meter. The meter will turn on.
  2. When the Apply Blood screen appears, touch the test strip to the drop of blood. Hold it there until the meter beeps.
  3. Your test result will appear after a 5 second countdown.

Is there an app for Contour Next EZ?

The CONTOUR™DIABETES app is a cloud-enabled mobile application that operates on portable devices such as a smart phone or tablet running the Apple iOS or the Android operating system. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology to sync with the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter for seamless blood sugar monitoring.

Which Contour Next meter is best?

The best performing meter was Ascensia Diabetes Care’s Contour Next, which was accurate 100 percent of the time at two sites and 99 percent of the time at the third.

What does e3 mean on contour?

“E-3” in the display means your blood glucose may be extremely high or a meter or a test strip error has occurred.

How accurate is Contour Plus?

Results: Results of fingertip and venous blood glucose measurements by the CONTOUR PLUS system were compared with laboratory reference values to determine accuracy. Accuracy was 98.1% (96.06%-99.22%) for fingertip blood tests and 98.1% (96.02%-99.21%) for venous blood tests.

How accurate is the contour next one?

Remarkably accurate testing The smallest error range demonstrated by the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter system was determined to be 95% of results met ±8.4 mg/dl or ±8.4% (vs YSI reference) for glucose values <100 mg/dL or ≥ 100 mg/dL, respectively, for subject fingertip tests.

Is Contour Next EZ accurate?

How to download Bayer HealthCare Contour Next USB user manual?

Page 1 June 28, 2012 T: 425-881-5454 DATE: June 27, 2012 BAN#:84318354 Rev. 07/12 Bayer HealthCare CLIENT: Contour Next USB mmol User Guide EN Contour Next USB mmol User Guide Canada DESCRIPTION: English Alt#1 – 06/26/12 Copy Changes SCHAWK JOB#: 909036 Alt#2 – 06/27/12 Copy Changes…

How to check carbs in Bayer HealthCare Contour Next?

Log Carbs Information from the Logbook Menu Reviewing the Logbook 1. Press and hold the Menu button until the meter turns on. The Logbook menu contains Log Carbs, Log Insulin and View Logbook. 2. Go to the Main Menu by pressing the Menu button on the To review entries in the Logbook: top of the meter.

When to use Bayer C blood glucose monitor?

Page 2 INTENDED USE Bayer’s C ® USB blood glucose monitoring system • If your blood sugar reading is over 13.9 mmol/L, wash and dry ONTOUR (meter, test strips and control solution) is intended for use by persons your hands well and repeat the test with a new strip.

Is there a color proof for a contour TS?