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How do I find soil reports?


How do I find soil reports?

They are published by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service. NRCS soil surveys are available from several sources: Some are on the NRCS website. Published soil surveys can be found at some libraries or borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Which US government department creates soil survey maps?

Soil surveys are now generally available online and can be accessed through portals such as Web Soil Survey (https://websoilsurvey.sc.egov.usda.gov/), a Web- based soil property mapping program developed by the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS).

How do you make a soil map?

You can access these maps through the Custom layers section of eSPADE under the category of Statewide land and soil mapping.

How do I know what soil type my property is?

There are three options for finding out what soil type your land has. One is to get a soil map. You can go to the USDA’s Natural Resources and Conservation Services (NRCS) page. They have soil maps and data for more than ninety-five percent of the nation’s counties.

What is included in a soil survey?

A soil survey is a detailed report on the soils of an area. The soil survey has maps with soil boundaries and photos, descriptions, and tables of soil properties and features. Soil surveys are used by farmers, real estate agents, land use planners, engineers and others who desire information about the soil resource.

What is the difference between sand and clay?

Clay is the tiniest soil particle. Compared to sand particles, which are generally round, clay particles are thin, flat and covered with tiny plates. Clay particles tend to stick together and make very little movement through soil.

Where can I find the soil survey for Florida?

Published Soil Surveys for Florida Current, official soil survey information is on the Web Soil Survey. The Web Soil Survey allows you to create custom reports by selecting a specific area of interest. In the table below, clicking on a survey area that is listed as “current” takes you to the Web Soil Survey.

When did the USGS do their soil survey?

Between 2007 and 2013, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a low-density (1 site per 1,600 square kilometers, 4,857 sites) geochemical and mineralogical survey of soils in the conterminous United States.

Is the NRCS soil survey data available online?

NRCS has soil maps and data available online for more than 95 percent of the nation’s counties and anticipates having 100 percent in the near future. The site is updated and maintained online as the single authoritative source of soil survey information. Soil surveys can be used for general farm, local, and wider area planning.

Where are the Soil Survey offices in the US?

Soil Survey Regional Offices Portland, OR (SSR 1) Contacts Ecological Site Information Soil Information Davis, CA (SSR 2) Contacts Ecological Site Information Soil Information Raleigh, NC (SSR 3)