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How do I get the Google Cardboard app?


How do I get the Google Cardboard app?

Get apps for Cardboard

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google Cardboard app .
  2. At the top, tap Get apps.
  3. Pick an app from the list, or tap Browse more apps and choose another one.
  4. Tap Install.

How do I use Google Cardboard?

Start to use Cardboard

  1. On your Android phone, open the Cardboard app .
  2. To pair your phone with your viewer, on the right, tap the Right arrow .
  3. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the Cardboard viewer.
  4. Open the top flap of the viewer.

How do I set up Google cardboard without QR code?

If you can’t find a QR code on your Cardboard viewer

  1. On your computer, go to the viewer manufacturer’s website, and then look for the code.
  2. Use your phone to scan the code from your computer screen. Note: If you can’t find a code, you can make one.

What games can you play on Google Cardboard?

Best VR Games for Google Cardboard

  1. VR XRacer. If you are looking for a solid VR racing game to play on your smartphone with Google Cardboard then VR XRacer is the game you should pick.
  2. Fractal Combat X.
  3. Deep Space Battle.
  4. InMind 2.
  5. Caaaaardboard!
  6. House of Terror VR.
  7. Hidden Temple.
  8. Minos Starfighter VR.

What can I watch with Google Cardboard?

44 Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

  • InCell VR. InCell is an action game with strategy and bioscience.
  • Expeditions. Expeditions is one of the best Google Cardboard apps for Android and iOS.
  • Google Street View.
  • Within VR.
  • InMind VR.
  • War Of Words VR.
  • Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR.
  • The Star Wars VR.

What invalid QR Code?

If you scan the QR code on your Circle Home Plus and get an error saying it is invalid, it’s possible the QR code was scanned previously by someone in your home or by yourself on another account, the device was used, or there is an issue with the QR code.

How do I get the QR code for Google Cardboard?

Creating Your Own QR Code For Google Cardboard

  1. Decide on your content.
  2. Enter the required data.
  3. Give the thing the look-and-feel you desire.
  4. Make sure it scans.
  5. Then you can just track ‘hits’

What is Google Cardboard app?

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive handheld device that powers a virtual reality (VR) experience using almost any smartphone running Cardboard-enabled apps. Cardboard viewer: The “hardware” that is used to view VR content with a smartphone. Smartphone: Typically supplied by the consumer.

What are the apps for the Cardboard app?

Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboard app helps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover new apps, and set up a viewer. • Earth: Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth.

Can you get Google Cardboard on your phone?

Google Cardboard brings immersive experiences to everyone in a simple and affordable way. Whether you fold your own or buy a Works with Google Cardboard certified viewer, you’re just one step away from experiencing virtual reality on your smartphone. With a wide variety of viewers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits you just right.

Where does Google Cardboard pop 3.0 come from?

Colors: Space print. POP! 3.0 is made in Germany and comes in an eye-catching urban design. Experience portable and affordable virtual reality with the Knox Cardboard. Built with the same quality as the official Google Cardboard, this viewer is your VR companion. Anytime. Anywhere. Academic Discount packs are available for 10 or more.

How much does it cost to get Google Cardboard?

Bring virtual reality to life with the official Google Cardboard. This quality viewer puts the world of VR right in your hands, affordably. Share VR with a friend. Save $5 when you buy a 2-pack–just $25 for two. Price: $15.00.