How do I know if my website uses Flash?


How do I know if my website uses Flash?

Right clicking on any part of your website will make a box appear with options you can click on. If you see Zoom in at the top of the box and About Adobe Flash Player at the bottom of the box, then you know that you have Flash on your website.

How many websites are still using Flash?

Flash is used as client-side programming language by 2.6% of the sites it has measured this month, which equates to 260,000 of the top 10 million sites still using Flash.

How do I know if Flash is running?

Adobe Flash Player Test There’s an easy way to test your Adobe Flash Player. Go to the Flash Player Help page at helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and scroll down to step five. If you can see the animation in the square there, your Flash Player is working correctly. If not, you may need to enable it in your browser.

Is there a non Flash editor for Moonfruit?

The non flash editor is now up and running though not all the features are available. At present you can only edit text (though you can change between pages for some reason), and remove images, or create a shop. All the other features are not available yet……. Yeah, the non flash editor is a non usable editor on my machine.

Is it possible to build a website with Moonfruit?

It is possible to build a functional, eCommerce-friendly website with Moonfruit. However, in many ways, this builder still lags behind its competitors and requires serious upgrading to make it more modern. For a more intuitive, and up-to-date builder, try Wix.

What can I do if my Moonfruit Flash is broken?

There is nothing that you can do until Moonfruit sort it out at their end. It means that you cannot change your site until they have replaced Flash in their editor. As to whether it affects how your website is displayed you can view it as a visitor in your browser, make a note as to what is broken and raise that with Moonfruit.

How long has Moonfruit been on the market?

Founded in 2000, Moonfruit has been around longer than other well-known website builders, such as Strikingly and Squarespace. Just like other builders, Moonfruit lets you create a responsive website without any programming knowledge required.