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How do I renew my act Licence in Aurangabad?


How do I renew my act Licence in Aurangabad?

Renewal Application for Shop & Establishment

  1. Log on to the web site
  2. Select the registering procedure as individual or organization.
  3. Provide your mobile no to obtain OTP for registration.
  4. Fill the OTP appeared on your mobile.
  5. Provide your mail Id and information asked for registration.

What is the cost of Gumasta license?

Rs 999
Gumasta License – Get Shop Act Registration Online @ Rs 999.

Is Gumasta license mandatory in Maharashtra?

Gumasta License is a mandatory registration required for doing any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. Every person who establishes a business needs to obtain the license under the Shops and Establishment Act of that respective state.

How can I renew my factory license online in Maharashtra?

Detailed procedure for License Renewal

  1. Log on to the web site
  2. Click on “Create Employer User Profile”.
  3. Fill the information and complete the Registration procedure on MAITRI portal.
  4. Fill the CAF (Common Application Form).

How do I renew my drug license online?

  1. Renewal of Drug License. Online deposition of fees via treasury portal.
  2. Visit the Drug Information Portal.
  3. Login to Portal.
  4. New Application Form.
  5. Fill in the Right Credentials.
  6. Upload Required Documents.
  7. Make Payment.
  8. Submit the Application Form.

How do I verify my shop and establishment license online?

The authenticity of the Shops & Establishment Registration Certificate renewed Online, can be checked by scanning the QR Code printed on the Renewal Certificate. The same can also be checked by entering Unique Transaction No. (SMCeSnEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) printed at the bottom of the certificate.

What is the difference between Udyog aadhar and shop act?

License obtained under the State Shop Establishment Act specifies general rules, regulations and duties of all business shops and establishments towards there employees and the provisions therein, while the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum as applied under MSMED Act guides for statutory formation and recognition of MSME …

How much does it cost to renew Shop Act license?

Following are the fee structure of Shop Act License Registration & Renewal Fees Shop Establishments having no employees Registration Fees: Rs. 120 Renewal Fees: Rs. 120 Late Fees (50% of Registration Fees): Rs. 60 Shop Establishments having 1 to 5 employees Registration Fees: Rs. 360 Renewal…

How to renew shop and establishment registration and Labour license?

(Note: Fill & attached document to Old User form first to apply Renewal Application form for Shop and Establishment Registration and Contract Labour License.) Step 6: In the Shop and Establishment Registration “Old user” form can you display only two fields that are Renew Certificate “Form B” and Change Request “Form E” option.

Where can I Check my Shop Act status?

For checking a Shop Act Status online you can log in to website using your created username and password when you can be logged into this website click on home button from the left panel menu of the website and check your applied shop act license…