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How do I search all subfolders in Outlook?


How do I search all subfolders in Outlook?

1. Get in to the email folder which you want to start searching within as well as its subfolders. 2. Click on the Instant Search box to activate the Search Tools, type the search condition in the box, and then click All Subfolders in the Scope group under Search tab.

Where do archived emails go in Hotmail?

There should be a sub-folder (beneath your inbox, junk mail, sent folders etc) entitled “archive”. The archived items would have been moved here.

How do I search all folders in Hotmail?

Easiest: Go to the Search email box, type a search term, and press Enter. Select Filters in the Search bar for advanced search options, such as a specific folder, sender, or subject.

Can you Auto archive subfolders in Outlook?

You can set the auto-archive parameters of the sub-folders as follows: Right-click on the sub-folder, and choose “Properties” Select the AutoArchive tab. There you can set the auto-archive properties of the sub-folder.

Why can’t I search subfolders in Outlook?

CAUSE:Limitation with Search in subfolders if “Download shared folders” is enabled in Cached Exchange Mode settings. FIX:Uncheck “Download shared folders” in menu File -> Account Settings -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced -> Download shared folders. Else search in each subfolder individually.

Can you retrieve old Hotmail messages?

Once the emails have been permanently deleted from Hotmail, they cannot be recovered. Go to the junk folder in your email, or go to your sent email folders; they might be there.

How do I find old emails on Hotmail?

How to Restore Deleted Emails in Hotmail from Deleted Items

  1. Open the Outlook, Sign in to the Hotmail email address.
  2. On the left side of the screen, Right-click “Deleted Items”. Click “Recover Deleted Items”.
  3. Choose the emails you want to restore.
  4. Click “Recover” and “OK”.

How do I auto archive all folders in Outlook?

Archive older items automatically

  1. Click File > Options > Advanced.
  2. Under AutoArchive, click AutoArchive Settings.
  3. Click the Run AutoArchive every n days box and specify how often to run AutoArchive.
  4. Choose any other options you want, such as having Outlook delete old items instead of archiving them.

How do I search for folders in Outlook?

Use Search Folders in Outlook: Instructions

  1. To create a new search folder in Outlook, click the “Mail” icon in the Navigation Bar to view your Mail folders.
  2. Then click the “Folder” tab of the Ribbon.
  3. Then click the “New Search Folder” button in the “New” button group to open the “New Search Folder” dialog box.

How to search emails include subfolders in outlook?

In Outlook 2007, you need to create a search folder in order to search the subfolders. 1. Click File > New > Search Folder. See screenshot: 2. In the New Search Folder dialog box, scroll down to select Create a custom Search Folder in the Custom section, then click the Choose button.

How to search archive folders in Outlook 2013?

If you want to search emails in the archive folder, the archive folder need to be displayed in the Navigation Pane first. 1. Please click File > Open (Open & Export in Outlook 2013)> Open Outlook Data File. See screenshot:

How do I create a search folder in outlook?

Step 1 – Create a New Search Folder. By Default, Outlook has a sub folder in your inbox for you called: “Search Folders”. Right-click this folder and select “New Search Folder”. Step 2 – Create a Custom Search Folder. Double click “Create a custom Search Folder”, and then name the folder.

How to search all folders in Outlook desktop search Lookeen?

This folder will allow you to scan through all of your most recent mails and items and find exactly what you need without having to use the indexed Outlook search. In the folder Navigation list, right click the header that says Search Folders and then select New Search Folder.