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How do I see messages on Kies?

How do I see messages on Kies?

Kies will automatically detect your phone connection, the Basic information tab opens in Kies with Samsung phone model and other info about your phone. Click Back up/Restore tab within Kies. Then the Data backup screen opens as following. Select Message in the items list as shown in above screenshot.

What is Kies interface?

Samsung Kies is current only available for devices running Android 4.2 or lower. Kies is a desktop software available from the Samsung which allows you to manage, transfer, and enjoy digital content, including photos, videos, music, contacts, and calendar events between a Samsung device and a computer.

What does Kies via WIFI mean?

The Kies Air app allows you to connect to your Samsung smartphone or tablet from any device or computer with a Web browser as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Some Samsung devices, like the Note II, come with Kies Air preinstalled.

Why is my Samsung Kies not recognizing my Phone?

If you have ever used Samsung Kies, you must know the detailed steps to backup and restore files with it – connect the phone to computer> run the Samsung Kies and let it detect your phone> backup or restore files. So, it is obvious that the transferring process would be failed when the phone cannot be recognized by Kies.

What kind of phone does Kies 2.6 support?

To be more specific, Kies 2.6 supports Samsung phones with Android 4.3 and less, while Kies 3.0 supports Android 4.3 and above. What should I do? If you have multiple Samsung devices which you use alongside Kies, you can install both variants of software on your PC.

How to fix Kies stuck on connecting issue?

When the fixing process ends, you can reconnect your Samsung Galaxy to computer again. – On Kies 3, you can go to Tool > Reinstall device driver and then tap on Reinstall to start the installation. How to Fix Kies Stuck on Connecting Issue?

Can you use Samsung Kies on Windows 10?

However, with the software update, Samsung Smart Switch takes the place of Samsung Kies. So it can only work with old Samsung phones. Anyway, part of Samsung users still wants to download and use Samsung Kies for Windows 10. If you also want it, please go ahead to get the useful tips.