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How do you answer how much do you want to be paid?

How do you answer how much do you want to be paid?

What to Say When the Interviewer Asks How Much You MakeTell the truth. Be honest about what you make, but also say how much money you’d require to accept the new position. Explain what you’d like to make. Don’t say exactly what you’d like to make, but offer a salary range. Turn the question on its head.

What should I ask for salary?

What Salary Should I Ask For? How to Figure Out Your Worth.First, know what you’re up against. Don’t trust salary websites, and don’t mention them when you’re negotiating. Talk to people at other companies — and carefully phrase your questions. Talk to your co-workers — you’re legally allowed to! Reach out to recruiters who will be more candid.

How do you say offer is too low?

The key is to mention the following:Thank for the offer.Re-iterate the main points of the offer (especially if not in writing)Say you’ll be reviewing the offer over the next two days (never ask for over a week) and responding to it after.

How long do salary negotiations take?

Yes, most companies will default to two weeks. However, if you ask for more, there’s a good chance that you’ll get it. Note: A good source for determining your ability to negotiate one or more aspects of your job offer is an inside source.