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How do you make a forgetfulness potion in Harry Potter?


How do you make a forgetfulness potion in Harry Potter?

Making the potion Add 2 drops of Lethe River Water to your cauldron by pouring smoothly. Gently heat for 20 seconds. Add 2 Valerian Sprigs to your cauldron. Stir 3 times, clockwise.

How will a correctly brewed forgetfulness potion smell?

It will smell like any additive you may have used (honey or mint). If you did not use one, it may smell a little bit like burnt cinnamon. Stir the potion to ensure it is of uniform consistency and then transfer it to one of the glass phials. Remember to properly label the phial as we have discussed.

What is the potion that causes boils if brewed incorrectly?

The Cure for Boils
The Cure for Boils (also known as simply Boil Cure) was a potion which removed boils, such as those produced by the Pimple Jinx. It was an elementary potion and the recipe could be found in Magical Drafts and Potions and Book of Potions.

What’s in the shrinking solution?

Shrinking Solution, also known as a Shrinking Potion, is a potion that causes the drinker to shrink to a younger form….

Shrinking Solution
Potion information
Known ingredients Minced daisy roots Peeled Shrivelfig Sliced caterpillars One rat spleen A dash of leech juice A splash of cowbane Wormwood

What are the 3 most crucial ingredients in a forgetfulness potion?

The Forgetfulness Potion was a potion which caused an unknown degree of memory loss in the drinker. The recipe for this potion could be found in Magical Drafts and Potions; its key ingredients included Lethe River Water, mistletoe berries, and Valerian sprigs.

Which ingredients does Snape make us crush?

Known ingredients

  • 6 snake fangs.
  • 4 measures of Standard Ingredient.
  • 6 dried Billywig stings.
  • 2 sprigs of Wolfsbane.

What is S in Doxycide?

Known ingredients

  • Bundimun Ooze.
  • Streeler shells.
  • Dragon liver.
  • Hemlock essence.
  • Tormentil tincture.
  • Cowbane essence.

Which potion makes you lucky penny?

Felix Felicis, also called “Liquid Luck”, was a potion that made the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt would be successful.

What potion makes happy?

The Elixir to Induce Euphoria
Potion information The Elixir to Induce Euphoria is a sunshine-yellow potion that induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker.

What works as an antidote to most poisons Harry Potter?

Known ingredients The Antidote to Common Poisons (or Antidote for Common Poisons) was a potion and antidote which counteracted ordinary poisons, such as creature bites and stings. Its ingredients included Bezoars, Standard Ingredient, ground unicorn horn and mistletoe berries.

How do you make the forgetfulness potion in Harry Potter?

Harry and his classmates make the Forgetfulness Potion as part of the Potions practical exam. Add 2 drops of Lethe River Water to your cauldron by pouring smoothly. Gently heat for 20 seconds. Add 2 Valerian Sprigs to your cauldron.

When did Severus Snape make the forgetfulness potion?

Since this potion was of beginner’s level, Professor Severus Snape had his first year students brew this potion for their final exam in 1992. Leave to brew and return in 45-60 minutes. Wave your wand to complete the potion.

What happens if you drink the awakening Potion Too Long?

The Awakening Potion, however, can lose its effects if exposed to the open air too long. If the potion is under-brewed, it will cause vomiting and a light-headed feeling. As such, I recommend you pay attention the brewing time very carefully!

Can you use a forgetfulness potion on acne?

The potion is applied topically (on the affected skin) for boils, pustules, and acne. You can also apply it topically for treatment of hives, but most people find quicker and more effective results for hives if they drink the potion instead. Let’s move on to the Forgetfulness Potion.