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How do you play the countdown math game?


How do you play the countdown math game?

takes the gameplay of Shut the Box and turns it into a two player game. Each player has keys from 1-10 and they must try to flip them all over by rolling the two dice and forming a mathematical equation using the two dice. Whatever the answer to the equation is determines which key can be flipped over.

How does the scoring work in countdown?

Numbers round Points are awarded for the closest solution, and again both contestants score if the solutions are equally close. 10 points are given for an exact answer, 7 points for a non-exact solution up to 5 from the target, and 5 points for a solution between 6 and 10 from the target.

Are decimals allowed in countdown?

Only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division may be used; moreover, no fractional numbers or negative numbers may appear as part of a solution. Ironically, the use of the “nasty” large numbers statistically increases by some margin the likelihood that games will be solvable.

Is the countdown number round always possible?

There is no target number that it is impossible to make, given the correct numbers. Only one set of number {1,1,2,2,3,3} cannot make any target solution (as it’s not possible to make any three digit number from this set of numbers). If you were unlucky enough to draw these numbers there is nothing you could do.

What is the highest possible score on Countdown?

The highest ever score is 152, held by Elliott Mellor. See the list of 15-round scores over 125.

Is Susie Dent leaving Countdown?

The TV lexicographer has been missing from Countdown since 20 July, with a variety of guests covering her role in Dictionary Corner. Countdown host Anne Robinson explained in a previous episode: “Sadly we haven’t got Susie with us because she is self isolating, so Rachel (Parris) is doing both jobs”.

What words are not allowed in countdown?

Mass noun plurals

  • food, e.g. yogurt/yogurts, pasta/pastas, cheese/cheeses.
  • drink: e.g. rum/rums, lager/lagers.
  • plants: e.g. bergamot.
  • certain languages or subjects: e.g. science/sciences.
  • metals and alloys: e.g. steel/steels, solder/solders.
  • rocks: e.g. lava/lavas, clay/clays.
  • chemical compounds: e.g. fluoride/fluorides.

What is the highest score in countdown?

The highest ever score is 146, jointly held by Julian Fell, in his semi-final against Danny Hamilton, and Conor Travers, with his victory against Jack Hurst in the 30th Birthday Championship final. Fell’s game is notable for being the only time a contestant has found four nine letter words in a single game.

Can you use square root in countdown?

Rules: You may only use each card once in your calculation to reach the target number, but you may use as many or few of the seven cards as you like. For example you can take the square root of 64 to get 8 without using a card, but taking the cube root to get 4 would use up a 3.

Are countdown numbers random?

The contestant decides how many large numbers are to be used, from none to all four, after which the six tiles are randomly drawn and placed on the board. A random three-digit target number is then generated by an electronic machine, known as “CECIL” (which stands for Countdown’s Electronic Calculator In Leeds).

How many games are there in the countdown game?

Rounds continue with four more Letters Games followed by another Numbers Game then three more Letters Games followed by a third Numbers Game. Both sets of Number Cards must be reshuffled and reset before each new Numbers Game. The fifteenth and final round is the Countdown Conundrum.

How are the numbers picked up in Countdown?

The player choosing now selects a combination of six Number Cards. They may choose any combination from a) no large numbers/six small numbers or b) four large numbers/two small numbers. These numbers are picked up and placed onto the six spaces provided on the board by the player to the chooser’s left.

What happens in the fifteenth round of Countdown?

The fifteenth and final round is the Countdown Conundrum. The next player to handle the cards takes out the top Conundrum Card from the Conundrum Pack and places it with the word Countdown face up on the space provided on the board, in full view of the players.

How many letters do you have to make up on Countdown?

One contestant chooses how many vowels and consonants they would like to make up nine randomly chosen letters. There must be at least three vowels and four consonants. The contestants then have 30 seconds to find the longest word that they can make out of these letters.